Hi Lucy, Thanks so much for your speedy response. As a novice in all this, I am guided by your professional assessment. I’m just curious how the products you suggest work with an after shave moisturizer that I use. Other than that I am ready to try the products you suggest. I would hope that they come with some instructions concerning use. It seems that one should have some idea of how and what they are applying and when.

Can you put a package together for me so that I can get going on this? I did read your comment about writing a review, but I assume you mean once I have used and reacted to the product. Did I misread this? Again, thanks for your help. Jon.

Good evening Jon, you're very much welcome,

Just to clear up the review aspect of the current offer. Absolutely! Once you have tried the range and got fully comfortable with them then you're more than welcome to leave the review in exchange for the free gift.

As for a series of products, i'd be absolutely delighted to put a package together. I'm actually going to recommend you a nice selection of products, that i'm confident will combine to create a really natural routine, that's easy to follow.

I'd begin by applying our skin primer, after your current aftershave moisturiser. The primer will work very nicely in evening the texture and surface of your skin and essentially build the perfect blank canvas, that can be built upon with the rest of your products. To apply skin primer, you can do this in exactly the same way that you would apply a men's moisturiser - using your fingertips.

Next, take our liquid foundation and squirt a little onto the back of your hand, before taking a foundation brush and transferring a little at a time to each section of your face and blending it in. It sounds like an artists work, however, I promise that with a couple of practices at home, you'll quickly learn how much to apply in each area to get an enhanced natural look. The beauty with this foundation is that it will immediately improve your skin tone and blanket your complexion with subtle coverage.

After you've applied your foundation, take a little liquid concealer and dab it lightly beneath your eyes to instantly brighten them. If you struggle with tired looking eyes, dark circles or lines around the outer eye, this is perfect for camouflaging them all day long and generally improving the appearance of this area.

I tend to recommend this concealer over our concealer stick because this can be used beneath and around the outer eye, as well as on any lingering imperfections - whereas the concealer stick is only really suitable for facial blemishes. Using your fingertip, you can lightly dab and blend in this concealer and it will sink in effortlessly.

After you've applied primer, foundation and concealer, you'll instantly notice an improvement in the texture and overall health of your complexion. All that's left to do is ensure it remains subtle all day long and your products remain looking matte and shine free. To do this, dust a little Translucent Pressed Face Powder over your forehead, nose and cheeks and this will immediately lock in your product and help avoid a cakey look. When it comes to applying this face powder, little by little is definitely the order of the day, as you don't need to apply to much to finish off your routine naturally.

Have a lovely evening, Lucy