Hi Lucy, As you can see my redness covers both sides of my face, as well as my ears. I’m looking for an anti-redness skin care and makeup routine that will look extremely natural. I don’t want anybody to notice that i’m wearing makeup. My skin redness is something i’ve been dealing with for a number of years now and i’m now at the end of my tether. Could you please list the recommendations in your next email for both make-up and anti-redness moisturisers/treatment options. Thank you, Gavin.

Hi there Gavin, I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Thank you for sending in the photo and I’m very confident I can help.

The first product I’d recommend is our Anti-Redness Moisturiser, which should be applied in the morning before your makeup routine and once again at night. This will help restore your skin’s natural defence against redness in the long term and generally calm your skin.

I’d then recommend applying our Mineral Matte Foundation in the colour N5 evenly across your face. Every product in our line has a tutorial and a couple of practices is all it will take to get used to exactly how much to apply to get the right coverage. This foundation is matte, so it won’t look in the slightest feminine.

Next, dab a little Age Defence Concealer Under your eyes and on any lingering blemishes on your face and blend in with the blending brush. The idea behind these 2 products is that the foundation will even and enhance your skin tone, whilst the concealer will cover any remaining marks.

To finish, dust a little Mineral Anti-Shine Powder over your forehead, nose and cheeks which will set your products all day and make them look all the more natural. The mineral base of this product and the foundation have fantastic calming and healing properties, making them ideal for skin prone to redness.

I’ve put links below to my suggestions and I’m always here if you have more questions before or after your purchase.