This week, MMUK MAN celebrates an important landmark in the evolution of their brand and business. On Monday 10th July, one of Britain’s largest makeup for men brands will be available online at ASOS, within their hugely popular men’s grooming category, which symbolizes yet another seismic shift in the plate tectonics of modern day male grooming.

After launching in 2012, MMUK MAN have tirelessly worked to break down the stigma that frowns upon ordinary men wearing cosmetics, such as concealer and foundation. Throughout their journey, they’ve enlisted the help of some of the beauty industry’s biggest bloggers and influencers, including Thom Watson at Manface, award-winning male makeup Vlogger Jake Jamie Ward and internationally renowned men’s makeup artist Wayne Goss, to help thrust men’s makeup, quite rightly, into the spotlight.

ASOS themselves are also breaking one or two boundaries of their own of late. Over the past week, they have been widely applauded in the press for not airbrushing their model’s ‘beautiful’ stretch marks in their brand new collection of swimwear and with news breaking that they are now branching into the world of makeup for men, their plaudits are sure to continue to struggle to come up with fresh superlatives to describe their exciting moves within the world of retail.

It was reported in 2016 that MMUK MAN were pushing towards sales of nearly £1million, proving that just a little bit of ‘man-slap’ is now becoming big business within the world of men’s beauty and personal care.

Co-founder Alex Dalley set up the business in 2011 with his uncle Stuart, investing just £1,000 in a discontinued range of Calvin Klein makeup and re-branding it for men. Off the back of much higher than expected sales, it wasn’t long until their collection of cosmetics reached over 100 different products, to cater for the growing needs of the cosmetically hungry British male. Less than twelve months later MMUK MAN was born and today they cherish a customer base of over 15,000 gentlemen.

‘We’re absolutely delighted to announce the launch at ASOS’ Dalley said last night at the brand’s new collection launch party. ‘We hope that this move places makeup for men on the radars of thousands of guys out there who simply want to look their best everyday. The male beauty industry is evolving quickly, as more guys realise how far just a little touch up can take them and we’re incredibly honoured to be just a small part of that.’