I’m just a regular guy, in my very very very early 30’s (if anyone asks; I’m 23) living in London with my husband, working in an office… I have given my opinions and advice to many of my straight male friends and like to think of myself as someone who helps bridge the gap between my gal-pals and their fellas! My views and opinions are my own; I’m not a trained beautician, makeup-artist, nutritionist or Doctor… but here is what I’ve got to say about things….

Make-up…for men? Is it worth the time and money?.

Men and make up – ITS NOTHING NEW! In fact ancient Egyptian men used “guy liner” so it’s been about for about 5,000 years ago. More recently make-up has usually/ typically been attributed to women and “the gays”.

We are now in world of social media and instant images posted EVERYwhere… not that there is anything wrong with that, but it can make people “me included” feel conscious of what’s on show, I have some scares from when I had acne as a teen and every now and then without warning I will get a breakout – on top of this even when I have clear skin I have extremely large pores. I also have a hectic lifestyle and don’t get as much sleep as I should – I rarely get the 7-8 hours they recommended – who are “they” anyway?

So, to help me through the day and feel confident and camera ready I use make up – one big question is what’s the difference between “men’s make-up” and regular “women’s” make up –there are many, many differences – the hormones in our body that effect oil and completion (matte v’s shimmer) as well as some of the techniques (where and how to apply) but that is something that can be written in great detail – not for now!

When it comes to make up, knowing what products to use and how to apply them can be a labyrinth.

I personally think the key to men’s make up is to have the natural look – and keep it quick. This can take some practice but worth it. a good make-up artist can make Gollum look like Michelle Keegan (come to think of it, I’ve never seen them in the same room together) but my point is you don’t need to get up 4 hours earlier or have a “glam Squad” to get a clean clear natural look.

We have all seen those memes of girls with that “natural makeup”.

Important NOTE: First things first – no matter how amazing/posh/fancy/expesive/exclusive/magical the make-up you buy or how skilled you may be with a make-up brush or blender, it dosnt even matter if you have a glam squad (theres that word again) working on your face - if you do not have the correct shade for your face -you will look odd!

Lucky enough, MMUK MAN offer a colour matching service. After sending in a photo, asking to find my perfect shade, within 4 hours, I was told that the shade for me would be N4, although, If I order a product and use it once to find out that it's the incorrect colour, I can return it for an exchange without a problem. Going on this information and from what I have seen on their makeup blog - I have come up with the following full-face-i-woke-up-like-this-regime.

Step 1 (1a,1b,1c and 1d) Face Value - Looking after my skin and treating it as a valued love one, with TLC (not the 90's RnB girl group)! -  I have been suffering with acne and blemish break outs in varying degrees ever since I hit puberty ("they" said it would change - now 31 I guess it will not). So as looking after my skin is key! as well as eating well and drinking lots of water, I have opted for MMUK MAN Anti-Acne products. to wash, cleanse, tone and moisturise - DAILY (twice daily if possible, but life can get hectic). Then, twice a week, I will replace the wash with the Anti-Acne face polish which I am told the botanical scrub, specifically focuses on sloughing away dead skin cells and blockages within the pores, helping to prevent new spots from arising. – A good routine is important and it can change depending on your own skin – It is its own blog-worthy topic!

Step 2 (make like a boy scout - BE PREPARED) Primer - MMUK Man Skin Primer is ideal - using this will mean I get the perfect balance on my skin of matte and moisture, in turn, creating the perfect blank canvas masterpiece with men's makeup - as far from Picasso’s face as possible.

Step 3 - SoS - covert operation - Camouflage all manner of facial blemishes and imperfections (although a khaki camo is probably not a good idea) there are many different types of concealer and even different colours for different issues. But i’m keeping it simple! Using  MMUK MAN’s Concealer Pen to rid my face of those red blobs and dark eyes - thanks to MMUK's Skin Tone Palette.

Step 4 Foundation - someone once said "A good education is a foundation for a better future" I say a better future [for my face] depends on a good foundation, so I will choose MMUK MAN Foundation in N4.

Someone also said a good craftsman never blames his tools - but when it comes to crafting that "im-not-wearing-makeup" makeup, it’s as much about the right tools as it is the product and previous steps.

There are soooo many brushes, for so many things it’s an entirely separate article…but as we need the tools to be able to carry on with this blog, here is a quick look: When using a cream-to-powder like MMUK MAN Pro Finish Foundation For Men, I'll use a blending sponge or possibly a dense/ retractable kabuki brush. If I choose to use MMUK MAN Mineral Matte Foundation I will use an MMUK MAN Mineral Buffer Brush and if I use the MMUK MAN Mineral Foundation, I'll use a Kabucki brush (and I will always make sure my phone doesn't auto-correct it to something ENTIRELY different - awkward).

Step 5 - looking hot, not like I have  been to the surface of sun for a week or chosen to become an “Umpa Lumpa”. Using a Bronzing Brush to dust a little MMUK MAN Bronzer in shade 300, i’ll be dusting my hairline, temples and "W" of cheeks and nose (PHOTO) to make sure that my newly painted face doesn’t looks "flat" and one-dimensional, as well as adding a slightly tanned look.

Step 6 - Keep it up - or in place. I will finish my new "I woke up like this - I'm not wearing makeup" look by using MMUK MAN Mineral Anti Shine Powder - this will make sure that all the products on my face stay there and don't end up looking like a melt - Literally! This stuff is also soothing and smoothing. as it says on MMUK’s website it will "minimise the appearance of pores, for a completely refined complexion, kick shiny and unruly skin to the curb with a little help from the experts".

Its seems a lot, but a little can go a long way! And with practice steps 1- 6, it should take no time at all! It should also look so natural that people will comment on how well you look without questioning wether or not you use make up.

NEXT CHALLENGE – Taking it further and trying out contouring….. To be continued!