To this day, one of our most popular products remain our Clear Mascara For Men from MMUK MAN. Loved by many guys who wish to thicken, plump and define their lashes, topping up on this cosmetic blockbuster can really give your look a game changing finish.

Clear mascara is perfect for guys who do not appreciate the clear and obvious smudges of coloured eye products and also for gentlemen who wish for their entire makeup look to remain subtle. So, whether you're a theatrical performer, grooming show boater, or just a guy on the go who wants to make all the right moves, here's how you too can take advantage of clear men's mascara.

Firstly, the use of Clear Men's Mascara is great for creating light separation and giving pliable hold to your lashes. This, in turn, gives your eyes more definition and your entire makeup appearance a nice finish. Secondly, you can really bring brow and lash lines together and give your entire area great conformity, without your new makeup for men choice looking obvious. Applied at the end of your makeup routine, after the likes of eye shadow and eyeliner, clear manscara brings your entire look together, regardless of the look you're going for.

Finally, by curling your lashes and applying mascara that's clear, you can really give the impression of bigger and concentration drawing eyes. Using an appropriate eyelash curler and clamping at the base, mid-section and tip, for six seconds each and then applying mascara, you can really take advantage of what you naturally have, without running the risk of darker shades messing up your look.

Apply to cleansed lashes, by working the application tool up from the root after your eye has been shut. continue to apply from the root upwards, before eventually reaching the tip. With a slight backward and forward motion, you can give great definition to your lashes, without making them look overworked. Remembering to hold your lashes taut, you can quickly fix the problem of fatigued and flagging eyes in just a simple couple of minutes.