Acne fighting as a man can often seem like a hellish and endless battle.  But, before you stack up your grooming weaponry and prepare to lock and load those irritating, confidence destroying and untimely facial migrants - it’s important to understand the power of concealer for men, ensuring your bathroom shelf isn’t clogged up with a load of makeup for men time wasters.

Concealer for men can be a real game changer in the world of cosmetics.  Whether you are looking to diminish the signs of acne or suffer with permanent acne scars, the fact remains, choose the right concealer and you will be left laughing until the preverbal cows come home!

In today’s makeup for men blog, we’d like to provide you with five handy tips when it comes to covering up acne and acne scars with concealer for men.  By choosing the right tone and product, just a simple morning application of men’s concealer can restore your confidence and make scars show their nasty side well and truly behind closed doors.

So, let’s begin and bring your complexion and masculinity up to scratch with a devoted men’s concealer.

5.  Choose the right tone.  Getting the right mens concealer

colour is crucial when it comes to true makeup for men success.  Acne scars tend to be slightly paler than your normal skin tone and often reflect light, ultimately making them stand out even more.  By choosing a colour the closest to your natural skin tone, you will be swiftly on the road to recovery when covering acne scaring.

Blending Brush

4.  Blend in using a concealer brush.  Using a concealer for men brush is a great idea when it comes to covering up scaring.  As acne and acne scaring tends to be uneven and bumpy, a good men’s concealer brush will ensure product goes on evenly without looking unnatural and will really begin to smooth your complexion for a much better finish.

3.  Acne scars arise because of one thing and one thing only.  Picking!  We know it’s tempting, but picking your face and pimples will lead to more severe scaring and marks further down the line.  Leave them alone and they will disappear.  Concealer is good - but give yourself the best chance of success.

2.  Don’t get embarrassed!  Plenty of men have acne scars and the condition is much more likely to arise in men than women.  Whilst you may feel embarrassed by using male concealer, you should be completely comfortable with it.  Adopting concealer for men can be a great way to look good, providing you can ignore the social stigma concealer for men use may have.

MMUK MAN Concealer For Men

1.  Male concealers come in a plenty of different forms, relating to the purpose in which they were designed for, however, it’s easy to get it wrong with which one exactly to go for.  A thicker based concealer is needed in the camouflaging of facial scaring, which tend to be in a stick or pot format.  Avoid brightening concealers as these tend to be focused towards improving the eye areas.

So fellas, when it comes to weighing up the possibility of wearing makeup for men, in terms of acne scaring and the benefits mens concealer can provide you, it really only comes down to a one horse race as you bid for an upgraded, natural and better looking you.  Get these simple tips just right and just one simple product can make the world of difference to your look and style.

Good luck!