Hopefully you are able to help me as you have before.

I buy all of my makeup products from you as I like the way they look manly in the packaging. On top of this, they tend to be very discreet which is good since I'm a straight male with Rosacea. 

My current makeup routine involves the following products; 

MMUK man makeup Primer 

MMUK Mineral matte foundation in N4 

MMUK man under eye concealer in N4 

MMUK man eyebrow gel in clear 

MMUK man setting spray 

Sometimes I'll add MMUK man bronzer for men in colour 300. 

This leaves my skin looking clear, fresh and matte for 24 hours at least. On top of this, no one has been able to tell I'm wearing anything on my face which for me is the most important thing. This

includes natural and indoor light where it has gone unnoticed even close up. 

My only issue is the time it takes to apply which can vary between 20-30 minutes depending on where I'm going. I want something that offers a similar finish in a much quicker time for popping out etc.  

I've recently been looking into BB creams as I've been told they are like tinted moisturisers with extra skin benefits. I would consider CC creams due to my rosacea but I've been informed they are thicker and offer more coverage which may make it more noticeable. 

I was hoping someone could recommend a product for me based on everything I've said thus far. Important things to keep in mind are; 

Has to have a strong long lasting MATTE finish as I have combination oily skin and don't want shine after a few hours. 

Has to last on my skin for at least a full day without any touch ups required. At least 12 hours, though preferably 24 hours before needing a fix. 

Has to be non-transferable as I wear white shirts often. 

Has to be somewhat WaterProof as I don't want heavy rain stopping me from going out. Ideally, nothing but a makeup remover and full face wash will budge it. I want to be able to go out in the heavy rain without worrying about streaks etc. 

Has to be extremely natural and unnoticeable both with day light and indoor light like my current routine with mineral matte foundation in N4. 

Lastly, and also very important, it needs to be my exact shade. I’m NOT looking for a subtle tan or different skin tone. I just want my face to match my neck identically. The perfect shade I've found for me is N4- Slightly Pale Skin. 

I note that your creams aren't shaded the same way and often have Fair, Light, Medium and Dark as the options. I think, according to your site Shade Light is N4/N5. As I said N4 is perfect for me so will Shade Light be a bit darker as it includes N5? 


Good morning Tim,

Thank you very much for your e-mail.

If I'm honest, whilst I was reading your e-mail everything pointed towards our BB cream. It's non-transferable, matte and has extraordinary long staying power. Colour wise, I'd recommend this in light, which is very close to N4 on our standard colour palette. fair is an exact match to N3, which I think would make you look a little too pale.

With regards to your makeup for men routine, this would be a substitution for the matte foundation that you apply and as this works for you, I wouldn't recommend dropping this from your routine. The BB cream is more of a quick fix if you're pushed for time as it very rarely requires any other protects to help create a fast and flawless look. A touch up of concealer under the eyes maybe if you have pronounced dark circles and bags, but that's usually it.

It's been designed to look natural and offer a softer layer of coverage on your skin. Whilst it won't cover every bump, mark and blemish like the foundation does it will generate a health and fresh look that hides the majority of smaller imperfections, as well as unify your skin tone.

Whilst it's not waterproof as such, it won't rub off in the rain for example and it's holding time is usually 12-16 hours, so you're going to get a good days use out of your product when applying it in the morning. Quite a lot of guys get in touch with the worry that it might transfer onto their collars like many other men's BB creams, however, we've never had this reported problem as it's fast absorbing and quick-drying.

Overall, I'm very confident that this product would work well in your current makeup routine or as a stand alone quick fix. It's slowly becoming our bestseller because of its complete ease and quick results. As a bonus, it also helps fight blemishes in the background and promotes clearer and healthier looking skin.

Thank you