Men's brow gel is relatively new on the makeup for men scene, making an appearance in the UK for the first time in 2014.  With a few variations out there, from MMUK MAN and 4VOO most notably, we will take the opportunity this week fellas to discuss just how including one into your grooming regime can really help your look.  Brow gel is essentially a non greasy liquid, applied with a mascara style brush to the inner eyebrow first, before working slowly outwards in gentle strokes.  Coming in three different colours predominantly (Brown, Clear and Blonde), it is actually one of the easiest eye makeup products to master, and can often be perfected in just a few attempts.

So gentlemen, why should we include brow gel into our cosmetic for men routine?

Firstly, a good gel helps you tame unruly brows.  A lot of guys find their eyebrows start to falter and non-conform throughout their day, resulting in a fluffy and slightly messy look.  Apart from looking like disobedient caterpillars hovering just above your eyes, they can also ruin hard work put in in other cosmetic areas.  Why spend all the time perfecting your skin or getting a great tan, if your brows are going to play up?

Next, brow gel is a brilliant product at managing bushy eyebrows.  In a similar situation posed in item one, bushy brows are certainly not going to make it onto the makeup wish lists of modern men, but thankfully guys, a little touch up can really cut them down to size - and it's a quicker alternative to painful regular plucking.  Say no to bushy brows and bring back some power in the bathroom with just a minute of morning application, or before you head out on the town.

It's all about the definition!  Define and shape your entire eye area with the use of a male brow gel.  For a wow factor that just screams perfection - a little dab and blend across your brows will leave you firmly on the highway to cosmetic success.  The definition gained really brings your eyes together and frames them in such a way that they look completely smouldering and fantastic!

Finally gentlemen, such a product is incredibly natural looking and lasts all day long.  Start off with a clear version, if you are unsure of your exact tone and quickly take advantage of the complete natural finish they provide.  You will find that such a product really brings your whole illusion together and perfectly complements the use of guyliner and mascara.  Next time you're thinking of a grooming upgrade, turn to MMUK MAN's brow Gel and you will certainly not look back, as all day long perfection is magnificently achieved.