If you’re a modern man gradually getting into male grooming, you may well of heard of Tinted Moisturiser. Tinted Moisturiser is essentially a face cream that contains a hint of colour, to give your complexion a sun kissed glow, that looks completely natural. In today’s men’s makeup blog, I’ll be highlighting the top five reasons why the average man should consider upgrading his standard daily moisturiser to its super charged counterpart. Men’s tinted moisturisers have grown massively in popularity over recent years and the category currently boasts around a dozen different versions, all essentially doing a similar job. Ranging from £10 to £40, if you’re a guy who wants his cosmetic routine to remain simple but effective, as well as natural, then a mid-range product such as, MYEGO’s Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer, or Lab Series’ BB Tinted Moisturiser will nicely do the trick. If however, you’re open to spending a little more, as discretion and longevity prevail, Recipe For Men’s Energizing Bronze Cream or MMUK MAN’s Tinted Moisturiser are very much worth checking out. So, here’s exactly why you should consider using tinted moisturiser on a daily basis.

They're Simple

Firstly, they’re incredibly simple to use. Applied in exactly the same way you would apply a normal facial moisturiser, tinted versions blend into the skin quickly and dry just like a moisturiser, usually after about thirty seconds. If you’re a guy on the go and live a busy lifestyle, give your skin a blast of hydration and colour simultaneously with one of these wonderful wingmen. Tucked safely away in your gym bag or on your desk at work, there’s no dramas or trouble in application and you won’t be left having to rush to the bathroom to wash and dry your orange hands.

They Hydrate

Secondly, tinted moisturisers for men give the skin the same amount of hydration as regular daily facial moisturisers. The result? Your skin looks naturally hydrated and smooth, once it’s washed off, promoting easy recovery and the suppleness modern men demand. Skin nourishment and protection remain absolutely paramount for gentlemen well into their grooming and throwing in the inbuilt reinforcing and protective qualities needed to fend off debris, pollutants and environmental debris, these tinted gems are well worth slotting into your routine.

They Look Natural

Next, they look a lot more natural than some other men’s makeup products, especially if you’re getting into makeup for the first time. Often seen as the natural first step into cosmetics, before mastering the art of foundation and concealer later, male tinted moisturisers really let you get to grips with colour and coverage cosmetics, ensuring your cover isn’t blown in the process. Due to the fact that they are so easy to apply, pretty much every bloke could get on board with one of these and learn how to use it to his advantage.

They Cover

Penultimately, they cover pretty much everything. Thanks to their tinted base, the colour aspect of these tinted face cream blanket the face in natural coverage and in the process, diminish the appearance of spots, blemishes, marks and scars significantly. Almost disappearing common men’s facial blemishes, moisturisers with tan promise to give you back your confidence, whilst looking healthy and post-holiday tanned in the process.

They're Universal

Finally, every man can use them! Tinted Moisturisers are suited to every skin type and tone, thanks to its hydration and universal colouring properties. Most contain light reflectors that not only make the face look darker, but brighter, younger and healthier too. Whether you’re pale, medium skinned, tanned or dark, each and every single one will work for you and adjust to your natural skin tone with complete ease.