Ken Men aren’t a men’s cosmetic brand we cover all too often here at MMUK MAN, however, this week, I had the opportunity to try their Koko-Mojo Bronzer for the very first time and rather than giving it a standard review, I’ve decided to list five of the top reasons why you will absolutely love it, should you decide to include it in your makeup for men routine.

There are a few different types of men’s bronzer on the market right now. Up first is bronzing powder, that can be dusted over the face with a bronzing brush, to give a natural glow and to sculpt the face. Next, there is men’s self-tan, which can be applied all over the body the morning or evening before a particular event that you want to look bronzed, fresh and sun kissed for. The final form and by far the most popular, is a liquid face bronzer, sometimes called tinted moisturiser, which offers all the versatility of a standard men’s moisturiser, along with a natural tanning element, that gives a fresh and off the beach tan.

Ken Men’s Koko Mojo Bronzer falls nicely into the final category and has been described by the brand as ‘Safe Tan In A Bottle’. It’s also described as being a shimmery light deflecting men’s tinted moisturiser, which holds all the aces in the world of men’s cosmetics, when it comes to delivering the epitome of the perfect Brazilian skin tone. When doing my research after trying the product, I also found out that the first bronzer was designed for men in the 50’s and not actually women. They were designed to give pale men a healthy dose of colour who worked in the buzzing and hugely competitive advertising industry. You really do learn something new every day!

The first reason you’ll love this bronzer is that it spreads nice and easily across your face and sinks in in the perfect amount of time, after giving you the chance to rub it in nice and evenly. I’ve used too many face bronzers in the past that just turn into a sticky gloopy mess on the face, that you desperately have to plough around your complexion, before it sets – Koko Mojo is nothing like that!

Another massive thumbs up is that when applying this tinted moisturiser, it blends nicely into facial hair and the eyebrows. If you’ve used facial bronzers for men in the past that turn your beard, hairline or eyebrows orange, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Koko-Mojo does none of these and has just the right consistency to blend in very discreetly, regardless of your hair length and thickness.

Ken Men’s Koko Mojo Bronzer is not too overpowering either. It’s described as giving the perfect Brazilian sun tan, a sun kissed gold to be exact and I would definitely have to back that up. It’s not too orange, but it gives enough natural colour to your complexion, so that you’ll see a real instant improvement in skin tone and consistency. Staying on that point for just a little longer, it’s consistency is brilliant and with its natural tint of colour correcting your skin tone subtly, it also camouflages light to medium facial imperfections, including blemishes, fine lines and even acne scaring.

Finally, Koko-Mojo contains some really impressive ingredients, that are really kind to the skin, including Coconut Oil, Flax Seed Oil Extract, Lime and Macadamia Oil extract. This entourage of high performance components and more, wonderfully combine to not only conceal and enhance the skin, but to treat and heal it too, resulting in its long term regeneration and revitalization. Described as an all-round male makeup essential, this award-winning men’s bronzer, manufactured in Canada will be sure to blow you away.