With party season well in the swing, all of us here at MMUK MAN have decided to get our heads together and give you a simplified guide to achieving completely perfect and flawless skin this party season. Whether you’re daring to be dapper at your works Christmas do, out on the town with your partner, or celebrating your annual festive catch up with the guys, there’s plenty of reasons for you to put your best face forward. With the mountain of products on offer at MMUK MAN, you could be forgiven for feeling a little trapped in the headlights of all that men’s cosmetics have to offer. However, with a little nudge in the right direction, we’re certain we can get your complexion back on track, ready to impress every onlooker during the holidays. Whether you’re a single guy about town, or just looking to look your best for your partner, we’ve got the tricks of the trade, to leave you feeling on top form.

First up, and one of the most effective ways to get a healthy look for all of those parties and New Year Celebrations, it’s the use of a men’s tinted moisturiser. Tinted moisturiser is the type of men’s cosmetic products that’s getting more and more air time in recent years and with their quick and easy application, it’s not hard to see why. You can apply tinted moisturiser in the same way you would apply a normal men’s daily moisturiser, with its inbuilt tanning effect, immediately transforming your tired and pale skin, evening its tone and giving you an all year round bronzed look. Our recommendation comes from MYEGO in the form of their Hydrating Fonteint Enhancer. This form of product will last all night long, so whether you’re sipping on cocktails or dancing the night away, your cover is certain not to be blown. Tinted moisturisers are lightweight, refreshing and fast absorbing to immediately bring your skin back under control.

You may be quite happy with the overall appearance of your skin, but you can bet your bottom dollar before those festive functions, you’ll get the odd pimple or blemish appear. Their onset could be down to the extra booze and greasy food you’ll most likely be consuming over the break, but there is one way you can quickly get them back under control. The use of a quality Concealer For Men, guarantees to banish the signs of blemishes and camouflage the appearance of even the harshest of spots. Simply dab concealer over your affected area and you can enjoy all night cover up and a well-timed boost in confidence, ready to make you the center of attention. Recipe for Men’s Concealer is a great option in the men’s concealer category and this can be quickly dabbed on and blended in, instantly blurring away the appearance of your blemishes.

If redness, uneven and troublesome skin is playing havoc with your manhood this Christmas, you might want to resort to the use of a foundation for men. Men’s Foundation effectively blankets your face in natural cover up and gives your complexion just enough coverage to hide marks, scars, fatigue and light blemishes. It can be easily applied with an application sponge or foundation brush and when applied to the temples, forehead, cheeks and chin, promises to give your grooming game some serious lift off. Some guys baulk at the idea of wearing foundation for men, but with its expert blending power, wonderfully protecting your alpha male status, you can be rest assured that there will be nothing standing in the way of a clear, clean and confidence surging look.

Perhaps it’s your eyes that are showing the signs of one too many late nights at the bar or down your local boozer? If so, the use of an under eye concealer can instantly banish the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and fine lines around the outer eye. MMUK MAN’s Concealer Pen is the master marksman in this category of men’s cosmetics and promises to instantly banish these confidence crippling blighters. Hide the effects of a few back to back nights out on the town this Christmas and look fantastically fresh each and every time you get ready to go out. Dehydration also has a massive impact on the freshness and vitality of your eye area and drinking heavily doesn’t make the situation any better, so when it’s time to call in the cover up experts, don’t forget to concentrate on the eye area.