Facial scars are something that a lot of us guys have to deal with on a daily basis. Whether they are dispersed over your face after teenage acne, or if you have one or two particular scars that you’re struggling to cover, regardless of the amount of makeup you are applying. Over the past few months, gentlemen with facial scaring around the facial hair region of the face are quickly discovering how they can use beard filler to help cover them up in the most masculine of ways. Robert is one of these very guys and below you’ll exactly why beard filler will wonderfully work for him.

Hey Men’s Makeup,

Thank you for the kind words it's much appreciated. I have a question for you about another product choice at the end of this email but I'll explain what's happened first. So I did see a surgeon last week for a consultation and he concluded the worst scar on my face can be treated with steroid injections which will flatten it and make the appearance and texture much better. Fairly simple procedure as well which isn't too expensive. This surgery combined with makeup application should be able to cover it completely which is good news. I'll be going back to see him for the treatment sometime soon.

The other two problematic scars on my lower face are more complicated and sadly he said that surgery ultimately wouldn't help or improve the look of them because of the types of scar they are. He actually recommended I use makeup to camouflage it. I have tried this already and although it does help cover them and remove redness it doesn't work completely and hide the texture. However, I am lucky that because of where they are and them not being primarily on my face but rather my lower left cheek, it means they don't show as much and they actually sit on my beard line. I think therefore the best way to cover these would be makeup combined with hiding it below my beard. I can't grow the best beard in the world and I prefer more of a stubble look so therefore at the moment I am experimenting with beard dye to help cover them, as my natural beard hair colour is pretty light. I believe this, combined with makeup is now the best approach and should cover it completely and resolve this problem for good.

So therefore this actually means it would benefit me buying another product from you which is beard filler. I've looked at the two products you offer.

Now the problem I have is that I am still experimenting with beard dye because it is meant to help create the appearance of a more fuller beard/stubble. At the moment I'm trying to grow it out some more because I had to clean shave for the consultation so the surgeon could see the scars clearly. I'm starting off with a medium brown dye to see how it works and looks. Hopefully it will look good and help cover it, but I think this combined with beard filler makeup will help some more. In the long run I don't know if I'll stick with brown beard dye however, I may prefer black or darker brown or something. Right now my natural beard colour is kind of a light blond/grey which doesn't cover the scars too well.

Now I'm unsure about buying the beard filler pot, mainly because it comes in three different shades. I haven't decided on the best beard dye colour for me yet so it probably isn't worth buying until I'm more certain. However, your beard filler palette does interest me more and I wanted to check something with you.

Are both the products I listed the same? So as in: is the brown that comes in the palette form exactly the same as ordering the product in brown of the pot form?

If they are indeed the same then I will just order the pallet for £25 because it comes in multiple colours, but I would rather double check this with you first before ordering. If you could please let me know which product of the two is best for helping me create a more fuller beard I will be very grateful. Upon your reply I'll go ahead and buy one of the products. I am a pretty stubborn person and I don't like these scars at all, they bother me every day so I am literally trying everything I have to, to get rid of them. It is a tough fight but hopefully this'll finally be resolved soon.

Thanks for all the help.


Hey Robert,

I hope you are well and had a great weekend. Fantastic news on the one scar by the way, I’m very glad that this treatment will give you a nice boost in confidence, once it's completed and healed. I can confirm that the beard fillers in the palette are exactly the same as in the individual beard filler pots. They're proving very popular because it comes with a little brush and can be applied to both the brows and beard to darken and define them. Once you have grew your beard out a little more, I can see the filler working very nicely for you, as just a little swipe of application over the facial hair that surrounds your scar will be enough to darken the hairs and in turn, give just that little bit of masculine coverage that you need.

The beard filler palette will last you a long time also and a lot of guys tend to prefer them because they can be washed off at the end of the day and are less complicated than dye's and other beard products of that ilk.

When we originally created the Men's Beard Filler, it was to initially give guys the opportunity to fill in patchy areas of facial hair, but then, we found out a lot of our customers were using it to thicken facial hair that partially covered scars, acne marks and even moles. With the application of beard filler, you not only benefit from a more defined beard, but it totally disguises skin imperfections in the process, as almost a two-in-one super product.

I hope this information was useful and I wish you the best of luck with this product. I remain at your disposal should you need any more help.