Hello, I recently found your site and it looks like a great resource. I’m completely new to makeup, the only products I generally use are an anti ageing moisturiser from Bulldog and Lab series B.B. cream. I think my skin is in quite good shape, however, at the age of 46 I do have some lines on my forehead. I don’t think these are really deep but they are noticeable.

Primarily my goal would be to minimise or completely disguise these lines but I don’t know where to start or if it is even possible. My head is shaven so not sure if I’d need to apply products to my scalp area. My goal would be the reduction of these lines without actually looking like I have applied any products. Could you offer any help or advice?

Good morning Kevin, I hope you're well and thank you very much for getting in touch.

It's not that often that gentlemen get in touch asking about the best way to cover up fine lines on their foreheads, but it is a request we see every now and then. The first thing I would recommend is the use of an anti-ageing moisturiser (like you are already using) and a skin serum, like our FIRM Face and Eye Serum. Serum's are essentially super charged skin care products that are great for tacking the common signs of ageing, including fine lines. they are typically quite potent because of the strength of their ingredients.

When it comes to the actual coverage of your forehead's fine lines, the first product I'd recommend is our BB Cream, which unifies the skin tone and acts as a gentle blanket of coverage for them. Our BB cream is very subtle and the coverage is nice and natural too, with it being very easy to apply. As you have a shaved head, you can apply this all over after application to the face, but you obviously won't need to apply as much on the head - normally the remnants that's on your finger tips is enough to blend in the cream smoothly.

To finish, i'd recommend our Age Defender Concealer, which can be gently blended into any remaining visible fine lines using a Blending Brush. The BB cream acts as good camouflage for lighter fine lines, but the more defined ones will still be visible, so the concealer is used to tackle these.

After your skin's looking healthy and your fine lines have diminished, you can bring your whole look together with an Translucent Powder. This will ensure the products stay in place all day and look even more undetectable. This can also eliminate shine on the forehead and t-zone if you suffer with shiny skin, particularly in hot weather. This powder also refines the pores and locks in product very nicely and can be applied with a Powder Brush.

I'm very confident that this routine will work for you and if you'd like advice on the best colours to choose, you're more than welcome to send us in a recent picture of yourself or one of the back of your hand and we'll do a colour match for you.

If there's anything else I can help with please let me know.