Hello there, I am looking for a little assistance in finding the right shade for your brand of men's makeup.  I'm 60 years of age; my nationality is a combination of both Cuban and Puerto Rican.  I do not obtain much sun throughout the year, and I do use a Retinal face product to get my skin healthier. I am looking to conceal my under-eye bags and puffiness problems. 

Any assistance would be much appreciated, Mr Vargas

Good morning Mr Vargas,

Thank you very much for your e-mail and photo. I'm very confident that we can help create a simple and easy to master routine that will help give your skin a lift and disguise any dark circles and puffiness in the process.

It's good news that you're using an existing product that you're happy with and that gives us a good foundation to build upon. There are 3 products that I'd recommend from our range to create a natural and enhanced look.

Firstly, a morning and evening application of our restore anti-redness moisturiser, which has skin balancing and anti-redness power. This is great to double up as a night cream as it has anti-inflammatory power and will leave your skin's surface firmer and plumper and less puffy. Out of all the moisturisers we sell this has the best feedback and it helps build the base to a great routine.

Next, apply five or six dots of our BB cream around your face. This has a gentle coverage layer that looks natural but refines your skin tone in the process. The beauty with a BB cream is that it's essentially an all in one makeup product that makes the surface of your skin look flawless and toned and also helps to disguise any areas of rough skin, as well as slight blemishes. This BB cream in particular combines with our Restore Moisturiser very nicely and is essentially gives your skin a double hit in your search for improvement.

Finally, a dab of under eye concealer is all that's needed to help you cover up dark circles. I've put links to all my suggestions below and you will find a handy little tutorial on this product page, which shows you how to best apply it. A simple swipe under the eye area with the wand and blend in with your finger tip will be all that's needed to instantly improve this area. This concealer contains light reflecting particles too and should be purchased in one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

If you did want to go the extra mile we have a firing under eye serum which is fantastic for use prior to the application of BB cream and concealer. This can also double up as a concentrated eye treatment to apply before bed. This firming serum improves elasticity and firmness around the delicate eye area and tackles fine lines and wrinkles in the process. The concealer will do a great job at covering up, however, this will tackle the problem at the source.

Thank you, MMUK MAN.