Man Washing FaceHere at MMUK MAN we are continually asked by our new male makeup clients what order they should apply their men’s cosmetics in.  The truth is gents, getting to grip with mens foundation, concealer, BB cream and even mascara can be hard enough, without having to worry about how and when you should apply them.  There are some great guides out there to find out what order to apply these type of makeup products for men, but just in case you don’t want to spend precious time searching the web, we’ve decided to give you a brief overview in this week’s men’s makeup blog.  The key to true cosmetic success is to use a good quality moisturiser.  From here, regardless of your product choices, it will become pretty clear when is best to apply them.

Most male makeup wearers initially apply foundation, BB cream or CC cream onto post moisturised skin.  If you have oily or dry skin, we would recommend using a men’s makeup base (sometimes called a primer) for even better results.  Once you’ve applied primer and your choice of the before mentioned products, it’s then time to move on to a good quality concealer.  Remembering to allow foundation product to settle for a moment or two, concealer is typically your second step in mastering a brand new and enhanced look, without ringing alarm bells with your grooming preferances.

After you’ve applied concealer for men to those lingering blighters, it is then time to move onto the under eye area of your face.  Some men opt for an under eye primer before using a brightening concealer to banish the appearance of dark circles and eye bags.  These two products should be applied as step 3 and 4 in your application regime if you wish to combat such a series of facial imperfections.

Penultimately gentlemen, it’s time to move onto the eye brows and lashes.  Apply manscara and/or guyliner if you wish to do so, with a little time taken around each area to ensure your face remains looking nothing less than natural.  Again, these two steps are completely optional and if you’d prefer to stick to simply foundation and concealer, of course, no one’s going to beat you up about it.  Don’t forget to control your unruly brows with a brow gel or pencil before moving on to your final stage of makeup for men application.

Finish off with a good bronzer!  Applied sparingly to the areas of your face which would naturally catch the most amount of sun (forehead, cheekbone and nose) – a luxury men’s bronzing powder really brings your whole men’s makeup look together, and if done right, will do nothing less than enhance what you’ve spent the previous 5 or 10 minutes working on.  Regardless of your product choice or brand preferences, follow this easy application men’s makeup application order for even better and more professional results.  Remember to remove all makeup at the end of the day, you will quickly find yourself becoming a natural in the world of cometics as you take control in your latest grooming battle.