Men’s makeup Vlogger Jake Jamie Ward is nothing less than a true inspiration. Similar to MMUK MAN co-founder Alex Dalley, Jake-Jamie spent most of his teens trapped in doors, frightened to reveal his confidence crippling acne. Now 24 and having set up his very own YouTube channel devoted to men’s cosmetics, entitled ‘The Beauty Boy’, Mr. Ward himself is on his very own mission to make makeup genderless. Fronting a hugely successful social media campaign and featuring in some of the biggest magazines out there also, including Cosmopolitan, it’s certainly been a year to remember for this Staffordshire based sensation.

It's true, MMUK MAN and Jake-Jamie do have some exciting collaborations coming up, with Alex announcing last week at an event in Mayfair that ‘it’s going to be an exciting year for both parties, in our ever growing pursuit of perfection’. Jake-Jamie has done some absolutely remarkable work with gentlemen suffering from a wide range of skin issues. From rosacea and redness, spots to blemish and everything in between, it appears as though he’s certainly getting his message across that natural looking makeup for men can go an almighty long way.

Jake-Jamie’s YouTube vids have clocked up tens of thousands of views and with Britain’s growingly hungry wolf pack of grooming obsessed men forever recruiting new members, his popularity online show no signs of slowing down. His videos cover everything from foundation tutorial’s, best ways to apply concealer and even contouring, for men out there keen to make the most of professional men’s makeup. So, who’s been benefitting from Jake’s excellence?

This week, we’ll be looking at the case of Chris, 23, who took to YouTube to find guidance on how to cover up his sole destroying acne. Like Alex and Jake-Jamie, times were tough navigating this troublesome skin condition, but thankfully for this young man, there was light at the end of the tunnel. He told the Daily Mail of how he had to ‘learn to live with’ acne throughout his teens and how he saw makeup use as just a ‘girls only thing’. However, with a little sprinkle of some rather brute strength stardust from our YouTube sensation, Chris’s life changed forever, as he began learning how to Blend it Like Beckham.

After deploying the help of an Australian makeup artist and of course drawing on the inspiration of grooming guru Jake, Chris began feeling more confident about wearing cosmetic products and it wasn’t long before he began shopping for products that were specifically devoted to men’s skin and their typically oilier tendencies. Chris went on to highlight the social stigma that still exists around men wearing makeup, but with a seismic confidence surge clear for all to see and Jake Jamie showing him how to look subtle, there is little surprise that he was hooked forever and with improvements like this, wouldn’t you?

Each week throughout August, we’ll be checking in with some of the guys who have had their lives changed by Jake Jamie Ward and with some quite astonishing before and after’s depicted, it won’t be long until you find yourself bouncing with the bandwagon.