There are various ways in which people wish to self-improve, but in today's society, a lot of people feel that looking good is the main part of improving yourself in day to day life, and it seems they're right!

To improve yourself mentally, it helps to feel good physically and men’s make-up may be a simple way to solving this in everyday life. Is men’s make up purely about a confidence boost? No, is my answer to that question. Make up does not instantly boost confidence. In most cases however, if you are happy with your physical appearance, others will quickly notice a change, in not only your presentation, but your presence too. If you feel obliged to wear makeup, then you shouldn't do it. Make up is an art, it should be enjoyed and not forced.

Wearing makeup can help to look past your flaws, and bring out the best parts of your complexion. You may not notice your best features very often, but a small amount of makeup can change that. It only takes an unexpected compliment or two to lift your mood and make you feel good... Another step to self-acceptance, which again can lead to self-improvement.

In today's life, a large amount of our time is spent looking at others, whether it be in a magazine, on television or surfing the web. People these days are quick to judge others on their appearance, which is why people think the first step to self-improvement would be fixing your appearance. But the truth is, you cannot improve yourself until you accept yourself, so if wearing makeup is going to help toward accepting yourself then go for it, but never rely on it.

We live in a society where everyone is obsessed with self-improvement and will go above and beyond to achieve that.. But what are we really trying to improve how others see us? This is where both men and women's make up gets miss-judged. Make up isn't for others to look at us and think ‘they look amazing’, it is for us to look at ourselves and notice our ability to look our best.

A person who is comfortable in their own skin, life situation and with what other’s attitudes are towards him or her, is a person with a healthy self-esteem. We all struggle with self-esteem at some point in our lives, and make up is a boost, not a mask. People get more comments on their appearance than they would on their personality these days. You are more likely to get someone come over to you and say 'you look nice' rather than 'you're a nice person' ... unfortunately that is why self-image is such a big part of today's society, But remember, make up doesn't change you, it enhances you. Try something new, and enhance yourself.