Menaji are proud to be the first men’s product range in the USA to specifically cater for the unique demands of men’s skin. They focus their efforts on producing high quality corrective men’s cosmetics, using only the finest natural ingredients. If you’re a gentlemen keen to look good, Menaji prove that a little touch up can go an almighty way, when it comes to covering up those common facial blemishes, most of us guys get from time to time.

Having featured in the likes of GQ, The New York Times and Esquire, the Menaji brand packs a pretty formidable punch in the world of men’s makeup and rivals the best in the business. The entire range features their hugely popular 911 Eye Gel, Power Hydrator Aftershave and Deep Cleansing Masque, but today, we’ll be focusing on their two core men’s corrective products, a pair of cosmetics used on some of the biggest male celebrities by their makeup artists. In fact, celebrity makeup artist Kenecia LaShae has this to say on Menaji makeup line. ‘Most of my male clients are a little intimidated when I break out any kind of cosmetic, but once they see the undetectable results that Menaji gives me, they become completely at ease. Menaji is a rockstar in my book.’

So, let’s begin with the iconic, impressively versatile and wonderfully discreet Urban Camouflage Camo Concealer, that promises to be your secret weapon in your daily battle against common facial blemishes, such as dark circles, redness and general break outs. The Camo concealer was the word’s first concealer for men that was designed to withstand the high oil production in men’s skin, all day long. What makes this a popular choice is that it is suitable for all skin types and is renowned for its ease when blending into your skin, which guarantees a very natural and discreet look, demanded by the modern man. The Camo Concealer is dermatologically recommended for use on irritated and acne prone skin to provide it some much needed coverage, without clogging and blocking the skin’s pores. Perfect for use on razor bumps, facial scaring and rough areas of skin too, this lip balm sized tube of perfection is well worth adding to your bathroom arsenal. Available in Light, Medium and Dark, it’s very easy to find your correct shade of product and even easier to blend it into your skin using your index finger.

Next, it’s the turn of Menaji’s HDPV Anti Shine Powder, designed to even your complexion, combat the oily make-up of men’s skin and generate a sheer and flawless surface to your skin, that’s fit for the glare of HD cameras. The industry secret is now yours explain Menaji and with the advanced clarity provided by this powder, you are really able to give your skin a true high definition finish, perfect for all those Instagram selfies. This powder is available in four skin shades to achieve optimum skin tone neutrality and with its included applicator, it’s so easy to apply to the areas of face that typically display the most shine. HDPV is also infused with Vitamins C and E, which help improve the condition of damaged skin, so regardless of your age and skin troubles, HDPV guarantees to have you covered.

What I personally love about the Menaji range is that it brings a raw masculinity to men’s cosmetics, that only a few brands on the market truly achieve. Each individual product is luxuriously packaged and have enough weight behind them, allowing you to feel their durability and quality. Aside from their high performance ingredients, their formulas have been designed to last all day long, perfect for busy guys like myself, who always seem to be on the go. Value wise? They’re not the cheapest, but most guys I speak to don’t mind spending a little bit extra to ensure that the products they buy are going to look after their skin and remain subtle when worn. I’d have to give a massive thumbs up to Menaji and because of that, this spring, the entire range will be launching online.