This week, we celebrate the launch of MMUK MAN's brand new eyeshadow for men. Coming in a choice of black, dark brown and light brown, our brand new formula seeks to take Eye Makeup For Men to a whole new level. Often perceived as a dangerous makeup for men product, as getting it wrong can leave you in all kinds of grooming bother, MMUK MAN have looked to counteract the dangers with an incredibly natural looking formula.

The first thing to note is if you're looking for completely natural complexions gentlemen then a male eyeshadow probably isn't for you. Guys tend to wear it prior to going to gigs, or before a photo shoots for example, as appose to wearing a little bit of man-slap around the office.

Arriving in the same black packaging present across the entire MMUK MAN range, our brand new range of eyeshadow is lightweight, slightly pigmented and appears matte on the skin, to minimise any pearl aspect often associated with female versions. Our triple milled formula can also be used as a very discreet eyeliner formula for men also, should you wish to combine the two to create the ultimate dramatising effect.

Achieve a more full proof and flattering look when applying MMUK MAN's eyeshadow, a look achieved by many male models on the catwalk who succeed in achieving that makeup with no makeup illusion. Whether you opt for a bronzed brown or a gentle hint of the blackest black, enhance your eyes ever so subtly with just the faintest of coating.

Apply your shadow to the lower part of your eyelid with either an eyeshadow brush, or simply the tip of your index finger. Remember the fact gentlemen that a little goes a long way and when choosing your colour, it's always a good idea to choose a bronze/brown/black shade slightly deeper than your natural skin tone, to really create that captivating finish.

With your new found deeper set definition, comes a more expressive and mysterious look to your eyes, a look further enhanced with blinking. Achieve a darker, more deeper glaze to your entire male cosmetics look whether at a gig, night out on the town, or even a date. But gentlemen, let's keep MMUK MAN our little secret.