We browse the sites, we read up on the products and we spend our hard earned money on the cosmetics for men we think are right.  But, what’s it all for?  What’s the end goal? and how, in a world where looking good is everything, are you really going to be able to take advantage of male makeup?


With some key men’s makeup before and after shots very much paying tribute to the phrase - a picture paints a thousand words, you are really able to see why more and more gentlemen are turning to foundation, concealer and bronzer for men in particular to fight off those ghastly imperfections.


In MMUK MAN’s latest piece, with the help of a few eye opening before and after demonstrations, allow us to run the rule over the key reasons why men choose cosmetics in order to upgrade their look.  Whilst 18 months ago, some male beauty bloggers would revert to the term ‘resort’, as the ever expanding market quickly barges it’s way onto more and more men’s bathroom shelves, we prefer to use the term ‘choose’, with all the benefits of such products nearly as clear to see as you brand new and confidence boosting complexion.


Our first men’s cosmetics before and after selection falls on the doorstep of concealer for men.  But, why are so many men beating down the front door to get a piece of these versatile cover up agents?  


The answer is simple fellas... to say a quick goodbye to those unwanted spots, marks, blemishes and other defined facial imperfections.  Using a male concealer stick, pot or even a trio, if you want to go the extra mile, you are truly able to camouflage those unsightly blighters.  Whilst we are not incredibly fond of the term camouflage, as it is just too reminiscent of spending Sunday morning at an Army bootcamp  When it comes to Saturday night, Mr Slick himself wants something a little more classy and for that and results like these, MMUK MAN’s concealer pot for men is very much the way to go.


Like a mildly irritating house guest you just can’t get rid of, pale skin often makes it high on the list of skin problems that men would love to RSVP elsewhere.  Thankfully gents, with our next before and after success and with a little help from the grooming gods, you can quickly say ciao to unwanted pale and dull skin.


The answer? - Bronzer for men.  A little touch up goes a long way when it comes to using a matte bronzing powder, liquid bronzing lotion or even a men’s tinted moisturiser.  Often perceived as the most difficult makeup for men range to get to grips with, we recommend starting off with MMUK MAN’s BB Tinted Moisturiser to add a healthy and toned glow to your skin, without the fashion police lurking in the shadows ready to gun you down.  Such products, when done right, look natural and seriously enhance your overall look, great for when it is time to impress.


Uneven, red or rough skin are problems a staggering 44% of men face on a weekly basis.  Whether it is one of these in particular, or a combination of all three that are making your bathroom time a struggle, take quick and effective control with our next before and after demonstration and the help of foundation for men.  Foundation, a real work horse in the cosmetic for men world, and often a product that gets overlooked by men new to this phenomenon, inevitably smooths men’s complexions, perfects your skin tone and tackles redness and irritation, perfect if shaving time is causing you all kinds of grief.  Applied in the same way you would apply a moisturiser and before concealer and bronzer for example, men’s foundation quickly gets to work on your skin and seriously improves the condition and finish of your complexion.


The final before and after set demonstrates the growing power of men’s eye makeup products such as manscara, guyliner and even brow gel.  Fatigued, unimpressive and undefined eyes take you instantly out the game, and whilst most men who choose such a product, aren’t quite going for the rock god look, they do wish to add a bit of fullness and definition to an area which all too often proves to be their let down.


Mascara for men and brow gel in particular are great and can look incredibly natural.  If subtle and natural makeup for men wear remains of optimal importance, choose a clear solution in one of these, allowing your brand new look to shine without setting off alarm bells.


Well gentlemen, whilst today has been fun, it is now time to lay down the gauntlet to your grooming gremlins and take some of our key men’s makeup before and after shots on board.  Regardless of the look you are going for, success can be achieved with a little help from the experts.


If there are any before and after pieces you think are worth mentioning then please do not hesitate to get n touch with our expert team.  For now fellas, we wish you the best of luck!