Hi there, I have used Menaji light powder for years and am looking at alternatives. I like the slight colour and healthy complexion it gives though.

I’ve seen two products of interest, Translucent pressed powder (invisible) and your colourless anti shine powder. The translucent powder says invisible but it requires you to choose your skin colour and the product is coloured. Is it actually ‘invisible’? How so?

What do you think the benefit of the anti shine powder would be if I used instead of menaji? I have slightly red cheeks and like that the menaji evens out skin tone. I’ve not used foundation but presume it’s unnecessary for my skin and needs? What product do you think is best?

Response from MMUK MAN

Hi there Jamie,

I hope you're well and thank you for your e-mail,. As I was reading your e-mail, I was automatically thinking that our Translucent Pressed Powder would be a very good option for your current skin needs. If you use the Menaji Light powder, i'd recommend this product in the colour N4 which is a nice match to light. Although it's worn invisible and appears completely natural on the skin, there is a colour option as its pigments are slightly stronger in the darker shades, which is necessary for guys with darker skin tones - because of the way an anti-shine powder works and absorbs oil invisibly.

Although powders like Menaji and MMUK MAN's act as a coverage product, it's not their primary function and if you have red cheeks, i'd highly recommend our BB Cream over a foundation, which can be gently applied before your chosen anti shine powder, to even and correct your skin tone. Again, i'd recommend our BB cream in the colour light, which is the second colour option from the left.

To finish, you can then dust the anti-shine over your face where desired, to lock in the BB cream and act as a final layer of coverage. Quite a lot of gentlemen get in touch regarding the best way to reduce the appearance of their red cheeks and at this time of year in particular, more and more can be prone to flushes and flare ups that often come completely our of the blue.

At this stage, it might also be worth mentioning that we do have an Anti-Redness Moisturiser available, which can be used prior to the application of any cosmetics you apply and again at night. It's deeply enriching and has been built to calm and tackle general facial flare ups and redness - it's in fact one of our most popular products in our male skin care line.

I'm sure this may have been explored, but it's always a good idea to monitor what you've eaten prior to a particularly prominent flare up or flush of redness - as quite often, guys use this technique to find out what triggers a particularly bad day with their cheeks. Along with that, I'd always recommend keeping well hydrated and making sure you have some element of SPF protection in your grooming routine, as i'm sure your aware, continued exposure to the sun can hinder the calmness and healthiness of your skin.