Here at MMUK MAN, there are a number of makeup for men kits available.  However, with kits on offer from the likes of our very own brand, Calvin Klein and MyEgo, you'd be forgiven for getting a little confused by all that is on offer.  Do you need a cover up heavy kit?  Perhaps a kit with good bronzing properties for winter?  Or even, a cheap men's cosmetics kit that will give you the opportunity to master application once and for all?

In today's makeup blog, allow us to introduce you to the different kits on offer from the world of cosmetics.  Clearly outlining which kit is just right for you, you can quickly and easily match your needs to what our team of experts have carefully assembled together.  Introducing you to some brief application methods and in what order, the daunting nature of makeup kits for guys, now gents, can be all but gone.

Let's begin with Calvin Klein's men's makeup set - 5 wonderful and luxury products that effortlessly combine to give you the perfect balance between cover up and subtlety.  Meanwhile, offering two great eye makeup products – that add some great definition to this area, bringing them truly back to life!

Calvin Klein's makeup set firstly contains a choice of liquid foundation (for normal skin types) or a matte alternative for oily skin types.  Applied in the same way you would a moisturiser, give your face just enough coverage and banish the appearance of a whole host of mild facial imperfections.  Next, apply the under-eye concealer to the eye contours, alleviating the appearance of fatigued eyes, dark circles and eye bags.  Whilst there is a cream based men's concealer on offer, designed to cover up more defined facial imperfection, the hugely popular pen concealer is by far the most popular.

Whether you suffer predominantly with dark circles or spots, there's a clear choice for you to seriously upgrade your look.  Perfect before a night out or date, the third choice of product on offer leads it's way to a tinted moisturiser for men - a great daily moisturiser which offers a natural level of colour to enhance your complexion and fight pale and dull skin.

Finally, take on board the power of Calvin Klein's manscara and guyliner in a choice of shades to define, shape and enhance your lashes and eyes, leaving them looking prepped and primed for all your day may throw at you.  Our Mega Makeup Kit from Calvin Klein also includes a brow pencil and bronzer, should you wish to take the power of a touch up and completely regenerate your look.

A similar kit to this also comes in the form of W7's makeup for men set.  A bargain at £20, this kit contains all of the same style products, yet from a brand that is built for guys on a budget.  Whilst the quality can't quite be matched, and its long lasting nature doesn't come close to CK's set, this kit offers the perfect stepping stone to guys wishing to experiment with makeup for men products for the first time.  

Our next kit comes from long-standing male cosmetic experts MyEgo.  A brand like no other, designed specifically for men's skin, MyEgo capture all that is good about men's makeup, in 3 easy to use and stylish products.

Containing MyEgo's Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer, a corner stone product in the world of men's cover up, along with their Matifiant anti-shine powder.  For guys who wish to achieve the most natural and quick to master looks, never look further than these Canadian experts.  Their tinted moisturiser offers fantastic coverage to spots, blemishes, marks and redness, whilst the face powder for men (which comes with a nifty application brush) absorbs excess sebum and oil on the skin for an all day long matte finish.  Finish off your style with MyEgo's Eyeliner Kohl pencil to add subtle definition and truly bring your eyes up to scratch.

Finally, allow us to introduce you to MMUK MAN's Ultimate Cover-up Kit - 4 simple, luxury, easy to apply and incredibly natural products, which justify its position as our all time most popular kit.  What makes this kit great is that can be used all year round and all four products complement each other perfectly.  Ideal for any guy, quickly master the art of cosmetics and leave your skin looking fabulous.

Firstly, apply MMUK MAN's Skin Primer to act as the perfect moisturising and protecting base before containing.  This leaves the face feeling silky smooth and hydrated.  Next, it's time to deploy the powerful duo of our foundation and concealer for men.  Applied in that order, even skin tone, offer a blanket of coverage and hide those lingering skin problems that always seem to take centre stage.  Containing two great brushes (a foundation and bronzing), you can really get that professional finish with the help of these and a small application of the final product, coming in the form of a men's bronzing powder.  Subtle and matte, containing no shimmer and arriving in a choice of shades, work the bronzer across areas of your face which would naturally catch sunlight for a great finish and truly professional touch.

So gentlemen, that wraps up today’s tips to truly master male makeup kits.  Should you require any assistance with a kit you’ve got your eye on please feel free to contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.