This week, I’ve been summoned the task of reviewing one of the latest products in the MMUK MAN range, namely, their Anti Redness Moisturiser. I’ve used my fair share of anti-redness/irritation products in the past with a varying degree of success. I particularly suffer with redness during the cold winter months, or on the days when I shave, as these are generally the times when my skin goes through its biggest battles. There’s also nothing worse for my skin than when I go into a hot stuffy environment, I begin to flare up and can’t help but get embarrassed when I can feel my redness start to come out.

I’m very fond of the MMUK MAN range, which is why I’m delighted to be able to give this product a full and frank review. I have tended to only use their cosmetic products, like their concealer and foundation, but, if they take the same level of care in their grooming and skincare products, then I wouldn’t be the only one desperate to get my hands on one of these grooming game changers.

The Anti-Redness moisturiser itself looks great, the packaging is very timeless and elegant and it’s really weighty to feel, which makes the slightly above average price tag a lot more bearable. The bottle is made of high grade plastic and when reviewing the ingredients list, there’s certainly a few things that stick out. Deep Lime, most notably. I’ve used a few products in the past as I’m fully aware of its anti inflammatory and oxidant power and for this, I couldn’t wait to get started and give this a go.

So, the texture on my hand is very lightweight, not too runny, like you’re struggling to keep it on your hand and not too thick, like you’re about to spread a load of lard on your face. The texture is just right and when applied to the face it sinks in nice and quickly, without leaving an oily residue on my skin.

I’ve used this for about two weeks now and can say that my skin hasn’t flared up once, even during the crazy temperatures we had earlier in the week. My skin for once, feels balanced and protected and perhaps more importantly, comfortable. it’s not tight or painful, something I always tended to have to deal with when using lower cost face creams.

I particularly like how it leaves my skin nice and soothe all day, my skin surface looks much more supple and my tone looks a lot more even, whilst improving by the day. MMUK MAN’s Anti Redness Moisturiser doesn’t get clogged in my facial hair either and doesn’t leave my skin looking shiny.

Whether it’s simple skin care, in the sense that it does exactly what it’s meant to, or complex, in that the ingredients list is quite substantial, I don’t care, but with results like this neither will you. A very good bathroom essential for men suffering with redness in my opinion and I will give it a solid 8/10. The price is a bit hefty, but i’m worth it, as are you.