Today, I'll be reviewing MMUK MAN's Anti Shine Powder, sometimes referred to as their Invisible Blotting Powder, depending on which store you buy it at. I've tried a number of Anti Shine Powders in the past, including 4VOO's Shine Reduction Powder, as well as Menaji's HDPV Powder, all of which have given me good results. Needless to say, I was very excited to check out this product, having heard great things and used other MMUK MAN products in the past.

When the summer is in full swing, I tend to always get a shiny surface appear across my forehead and cheeks and despite using Recipe For Men's Anti Shine Moisturiser, I can never really shake off this problem completely. The fact is, I have oily skin, or at least combination and if I have a busy day in particular, darting from A to B, my skin will always be the first to show signs of shine and fatigue.

My first impressions of MMUK MAN's Anti Shine Powder were fantastic. Resembling a Mac product, but clearly made for men, the packaging is great, compact and very masculine. It also includes a nice little applicator and mirror too, perfect for topping up your shine protection throughout your day, if you need to that is.

Okay, so after applying a little tinted moisturiser and concealer - you know - the usual suspects, my skin tends to look a little caked up, if that makes sense. It looks great, don't get me wrong, but still, it lacks that matte finish. Not anymore! In the five weeks of using this product, both in hotter and cooler temperatures, my skin's continued to look matte and non-shimmery - definite bonuses when it comes to wanting your men's makeup to look natural.

Better still, the shine that I seemed to always be bogged down with has been non-existent, even in the warmer weather and whilst on holiday. Applying just a few dustings across my face seems to have done just the trick and I personally have found that there's only been a few day's where I've had to reapply it. Those days were probably the ones where I didn't apply enough or was in a rush.

Getting just the right amount on your face can be tricky at first, as I was unsure of how much to apply. However, I quickly got to grips with it and found that a few swipes over each section of my face was more often than not, more than enough. I would probably put this into my top five makeup for men products from MMUK MAN, along with their concealer stick, foundation, brow gel and beard filler. A fantastically masculine product that takes the pain out of oily skin. Excellent!