Ever since my adolescent years started to kick in, it’s been a growing struggle to tame my unruly and misbehaving eye brows.  Whilst they’re bushiness, shape and overwhelming sense of presence, continue to dominate my facial look, I’ve had minimal luck in trying to get them back under control.


Over the years i’ve tried many a formula and gels to try and get back some parity in this area, however, all harboring little in the way of relief.  A while ago I stumbled upon MMUK MAN and their range of good looking men’s cosmetics.  However, what would make their range any different from the rest?


I decided to bite the bullet and try their expert brow gel for men.  Seemingly caught in a daily conundrum with my wild brows and reading numerous positive reviews on this product - I just had to give it a shot - and after using it for over six weeks now, i’m so glad I did!


Application is far easier than previous men’s brow gel’s I have used.  It doesn’t clump, go on all sticky or end up making my brows look like an action man.  It simply glides on effortlessly and looks amazingly subtle.  Gently and naturally giving my eyebrows a nice tint and a sense of style, whatever MMUK MAN have done to achieve such a product...long may it continue.


As i’m a busy man, I need all the makeup for men products I wear to be long lasting, a box again wonderfully ticked with this brow gel.  I work in Recruitment and meetings can often go on long into the evening, so looking as fresh at night as I did in the morning, again boosts the performance of this great eye makeup for men product in my opinion.


Offering a hint of colour with the brown shade I chose (as I have mousy brown lashes), there’s no longer any stealing the limelight from my unattractive brows, merely just a perfect tonic contributing to my overall finish.


Whilst my lashes appear more shaped, refined and defined I would certainly recommend any man to give MMUK MAN's Brow Gel a go, regardless of their cosmetic preferences.  For gentlemen, like I, who haven’t got the time or the conscience to visit a man spa or beauty salon for regular brow treatment and plucking, leave your morals on the bathroom shelf and pick, in my eyes, one of the best male makeup products around.


A natural and stunning men’s eye brow fixx, it’s certainly one to treasure in your daily grooming battle.  Read some more of my product reviews and I hope you found this one incredibly insightful.


Thank you!, Owen Snow