When we developed our range of MMUK MAN concealers, our focus was to create a cream, full coverage product that disguised as many day to day imperfections men have to deal with as possible, whilst blending in really naturally to their skin. On top of this, we had to create a concealer for men that was masculine to look at and didn’t in any way resemble a female equivalent.

On top of that, MMUK MAN wanted to create a quality to hold men’s concealer that has enough weight to it to give great value for money, along with a nice smooth twist, so it can be discreetly popped onto a pimple or blemish in a flash! What we really wanted to create was a stick that easily blended into the skin. Most guys don’t have the time to waste messing about in the bathroom, so a product where a tiny dab and blend in would suffice was always something paramount in our concept. When using our concealer stick, we do recommend the use of a blending brush. It doesn’t have to be MMUK MAN, but a blender brush will really give your blemish or problem area the even coverage it deserves.

So, what’s in it? Mineral Pigments and Vitamin E combine in our number one selling concealer to protect and hydrate the skin whilst it’s being worn. The antioxidant element of such ingredients make this a natural looking long lasting cover-up product. Our concealer stick is dewy and soft enough to be worn under the eyes as well and will not break down in coverage throughout the day. We found it an absolute necessity to make this product available in a nice variety of colours, so each and every guy can find the correct colour to match their skin tone.

No longer do you have to feel guilty for invading the female makeup market with a luxury product specifically designed for men and here’s what just a handful of our customers have to say about it:

‘An incredible concealer and one of the best one’s I have ever used. I suffer with breakouts on my forehead, as well as have a few acne scars across my temples which always look awful under certain types of light. With a little touch up of this concealer they instantly vanish and stay away all day long.’ – Robert (Weybridge)

‘I feel so much more confident when wearing this concealer. I like how it’s clearly been designed for men in its packaging and presentation and when I’m going out with my girlfriend, I don’t have to feel conscious about spots on my chin and marks on my nose – a massive product from a lovely brand.’ Paul (Dundee)

Absolutely gob smacked at the quality of this concealer and the entire MMUK MAN range. Finally a product that hides my redness and it look so natural to wear. Keep the awesome products coming!’ Lee (Northampton)