As the demand for MMUK MAN’s cosmetic products rise, this week, we celebrate the launch of our brand new collection of men's makeup refills The idea behind our brand new set of refills is that, if you have a particular favourite product that you can’t get enough of, instead of purchasing endless amounts of compacts, you can simply clip a refill in and go. Fill up your favourite compacts with your chosen product and save a tidy amount of money in the process, with our average refill costing around £18.00.

The collection starts with MMUK MAN’s Pro Finish foundation, a cream based foundation for men that offers full and natural coverage to the entire face. If you are lucky enough to have this product in your grooming routine already, you’ll be very excited to see the availability of this product as a refill, that’s also available in multi packs. MMUK MAN’s Bronzer For Men and Mineral Pressed Bronzing Powder are also available as a refill in our initial set of 6. With all products available in exactly the same shades as they are available in store, there is no need to run the risk of getting your colour wrong with our brand new collection. As for the bronzers themselves, most guys will be intrigued to learn that the popular colour 300 is now fully stocked.

Our Mineral Matte Foundation is also available as a cosmetic refill, with this product’s growing demand illustrating just where men are currently at on the cosmetic map. As more and more men realise the skin care and healing benefits of mineral makeup, the popularity of such a product made it a complete no brainer to offer as a refill. Bringing up the rear is our hugely popular Beard Filler and Anti Shine Powder, both available as a cosmetic for men refill. Meaning, once you get your colours just right, you can top up your wash bag for less, courtesy of our new range and look completely flawless every day of the week.

For now gentlemen, thank you for your continued support and we will be in contact very soon with some more great makeup refills made available by MMUK MAN.