Like most guys, I’m absolutely new to the idea of men’s makeup. I actually spotted MMUK MAN's Mascara featured in a magazine a couple of months ago and the guy modelling looked as though he’d have no trouble with the ladies, so to speak. I was conscious though, that you always seem to get products advertised by male models, but most of the time, they’re not actually wearing the products that they’re advertising. After a little deliberation however, I decided to give the MMUK MAN Mascara a shot, to see if it could get anywhere near to making my eyes look as great as this blokes.

When my product arrived, my first impressions were very positive. I love how the product felt in the hand and it looked nice and masculine, a far cry from some of the other mascara’s on the market that are clearly aimed at women. The MMUK MAN logo looks really cool too. At first, I thought as though the logo was incorrectly printed (as it had gaps in it), but I quickly realised that this was all part of its design, to give the brand a fresh and edgy vibe and a little bit more masculinity.

I decided to try the clear version of this mascara, as I’d read a lot of its reviews that suggested that this was the most popular choice for a more natural finish and in no time at all, I was ready to give it a whirl on my own. Before I began applying, I did a little research on the best ways to apply mascara for men. I found a couple of really good videos on YouTube and after being visually shown how to apply it correctly, I felt much more confident to get stuck in.

Although I’m far from a pro in this area of men’s grooming, it’s clear to see the quality of this formula, as soon as it’s applied. Applying it was so incredibly easy and just enough product got dispersed onto my lashes from its really versatile brush. I was worrying about the formula getting in my eyes or clogging up all of my lashes and going hard, but thankfully nothing like this happened and in a few sweeps across my upper and lower lashes, the difference was pretty much instantly obvious.

My lashes, for the first time ever, stood up proud and strong, which in turn, made my eyes look fuller and fresher. As the formula was clear, it didn’t make my lashes look obscure and discolored, giving this another massive thumbs up. After a few practices, which made perfection, my eyes actually looked like the great looking guy in the picture! At £17.50, I’d classify this makeup for men product as an absolute must have for guys in a similar boat to me, looking to revive dodgy and tired looking peepers.

Overall, a really good quality product that is quite simplistic and effective. It looks fantastic and makes my eyes appear fresh and full, all day long. It’s also incredibly easy to remove, which is a godsend, as when I get home at night, all I want to do is crash out and not waste time taking off products. Great value for me and more importantly, I don’t feel out of place buying men’s makeup products from this brand. I love that it’s British born and I will definitely investing in many more to come.