After attending a family wedding last week and calling upon the help of another men’s makeup masterpiece from MMUK MAN, I feel compelled to share with you my recent successes. MMUK MAN’s Pro Finish Foundation is not only packed with skin care goodness, but offers the coverage needed to get a perfect look to your face after every application. Priced at £24.00, I decided to take the punt, as standard, a big occasion was approaching and my skin wasn’t quite looking up to scratch. A few spots on my chin and rough skin around the cheeks, in the days leading up to last weekend, my regular men’s moisturiser just wasn’t doing the trick, resulting in me having to take things to the next level.

My first impressions of MMUK MAN’s Pro Finish Foundation were great, with a clear standard set with its black matte packaging, quality ingredients formulation and the pure luxurious feel to the product. Arriving after 1 day of ordering, needless to say, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. However, as my experience with this type of Cream Finish Men’s Foundation is quite limited, I decided to call upon the help of my girlfriend, who couldn’t wait to apply it for me – shock!

In terms of application, it felt really smooth in applying and using the included sponge, she began to dot the foundation around my face before working out from the center and blending into my face, beard and neck. With a nice smile and a couple of great remarks, she told me to have a look in the mirror. Safe to say, I couldn’t believe it! Instant perfection! My face not only looked tanned, but completely flawless, almost like one of the guys from Geordie Shore or TOWIE. Better still, it didn’t look obvious, something which I’d been a little worried about before eventually biting the bullet and buying.

The colour of this foundation (N7) matched my tanned skin really nicely and the spots that had riddled my complexion for about a week previous were instantly covered up and it felt amazing. So, with my surge in confidence I hit the wedding and after party and with a very happy smile today (a week after wearing it daily), I feel honored to take this opportunity to share with you my successes so far. I haven’t used many MMUK MAN cosmetics in the past, but if this is a sign of my skin’s future, I can’t wait to add more to my hit list.