Foundation_For_MenFor years, I have always aired on the side of caution when it comes to male cosmetics - believing them to be girly, un-masculine and sometimes just plain wrong.  But, as a bloke fairly up to date with popular mens lifestyle choices, I could not help but notice all the buzz surrounding the topic of makeup for men.

Despite this, for the last two years, I still believed that it just was not for me.  Could I really stand in the mirror and apply concealer or foundation whilst the other half stands there brushing her teeth, laughing off the very real fact that I was applying makeup? - I think not.

That was up until a few weeks ago however.  No!  I wasn’t suddenly fulfilled with some overwhelming urge to wear mens makeup.  Instead, I was struck from the other side of the coin.  Since and early age I have always struggled with acne and spots.  Despite reducing significantly in my early 20’s, I still get the occasional outbreak.  And it was with a break out just a few weeks ago, that it just came to a simple case of mind of matter and I resorted to the powers of MMUK MAN.


Although I certainly would not shout about the fact that I wear male makeup from the rooftops, quietly talking, after using two products, both MMUK MAN, the results I have seen are quite staggering.  No longer am I embarrassed of my skin when I am at the gym, making conversation with the office’s new girl, or simply buying a train ticket.  Instead, quite the opposite.


I never would have thought the difference just a quick application of these two products could make such a difference and formulating this blog, I feel it is an honour I feel obliged to pass onto my fellow alpha male.


First up, came the foundation.  I was not too sure of how to apply it, but I just dabbed a small amount onto my fingers and rubbed in like a male moisturiser.  Awesome!  It took me a couple of times to get the amount just right, but I could not believe the improvement in my complexion.  For years, even when my skin was going through a good spell, it had never been like this.  The tone was perfect, and that scaly and rough surface most guys have was instead smooth, supple and flawless.


mens_concealer_trioThe best part of it all, is that it covered most of my imperfections.  Small blemishes, marks, redness and the occasional minor spot was gone.  No matter what angle I looked at my skin in the mirror, my skin looked great and I was quickly realizing that the social stigma of makeup did not come close to how impressed I was with these products and how good and confident it made me feel.




remember having a few annoying spots across my forehead, and, although it is bad, I tended to pick them out of anger and sheer low self esteem.  The best part of MMUK MAN’s foundation for men is that, because they were covered, I did not feel the need to scratch and pick, resulting in them naturally clearing up quicker.


I did still have a couple of problem areas though.  For this, I used a concealer for men from MMUK MAN too.  I always thought applying it would be an absolute nightmare - but no.


Just a simple swipe of the product onto my bulging spots and a little dab in (which I learned from a mens concealer blog online)  and they had gone.  Unbelievable!  I remember having a uni re-union that evening and thinking ‘my god, I look a mess’ - but the best way I can describe this male concealer as the ultimate confidence insurance policy.


To cut a long story short and to stop babbling guys, I would say that if you are thinking of using male makeup, or have done in the past and it has not gone quite right, put yourself in the hands of MMUK MAN.  Quality products, great service and I’d pay triple for the products.  The great news for my wallet is that in two weeks of daily use, I have hardly used any of the product.  So, long lasting performance puts an even bigger smile on my face.


Thank you guys!


Jamie Morgan, East Sussex