This is one of MMUK MAN’s most prestigious products from their line. They have revolutionised makeup for men, by shifting the boundaries and allowing the male community to freely enjoy the use of cosmetics. It comes in the iconic, minimalist black branded design, which easily deserves a place on any modern man’s bathroom shelf, or wash bag in my opinion. MMUK’s Liquid Concealer features a brilliant formula that not only provides an untraceable coverage, but your skin benefits from its nourishing and conditioning factors too. The MMUK MAN Liquid Concealer is the easiest product to apply, with a ‘touch and go’ swiftness applicator, the solution camouflages on the skin's surface to provide an instantly even and blemish-free complexion.

Take the wand from the tube and using only the tinniest amount, dab the problem area that you want to target. (An imperfection such as a spot for instance). Only re-apply more if necessary, as the product stretches quite nicely. You can blend in with your pinkie finger or beauty blending sponge to level out the solution on the skin’s surface. You’ll watch the spot underneath melt away as the Liquid Concealer provides a veil-like illusion across the targeted area. It’s a formula that works incredibly well for problematic imperfections that we as humans (not just men or women) are prone too.

You’ll find these are common imperfections: black heads, spots, acne, pigmented skin, discolouring of the skin, black bags under the eye, razor burn, rosacea, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin textures [scarring], ingrown hairs, birthmarks and so on. These are all normal problems to experience or have on your skin. What is nice about the MMUK MAN Liquid Concealer is that the luxurious product provides benefits to your skin. Unlike a large proportion of the cosmetic industry, makeup and cosmetics often sit on top of your skin and overtime begin to clog your pores, cause skin congestion and leave your skin dryer. It is important to allow your skin to breathe and using this range by MMUK MAN, you can achieve this.

The lightweight formula provides all the coverage and camouflaging you require, without looking and feeling heavy. It is a smart way to provide yourself with a nice boost in confidence and protect your skin safely. The solution is rich and improves skin performance and over time, your skin feels and looks healthier. The formulas used are patented for men’s skin types, which is often much tougher and thicker than women’s. This solution helps negate drowsy looking eye areas and give you a refreshed complexion that looks and feels smoother.

This product has become one of my favourites in recent months. In terms of coverage and make-up, I don’t usually wear much. My approach is more natural and for me this allows me to feel my best and just give my complexion a little nudge in the right direction, should I find myself looking a bit, ‘under the weather’. It has worked on many occasions, where I wake up with tired skin around the eyes or the volcanic temper from a spot that has decided to share its day with me. A dab here and a swipe there and I can go about my day with undetectable and untraceable coverage. If you are a novice like me, you’ll take a few attempts to find the right amount, but start small and build up from there. Minimal and effective gives me a complexion that shouts health and a boost to my confidence. Like I mentioned just above, I am a novice and in no way a talented male makeup applicator. I am however interested in a natural approach to makeup and the illusion that it can bring to my own skin. I don’t usually wear makeup daily, but on occasions where I can hide a blighted spot from taking the spotlight, it is worth the investment and light practice. I have covered one side of my face to show you my forehead, eye area and blending into the beard. I used the colour N4 and my own beauty blending sponge to provide a natural and even texture across my skin. It is featherless and sinks into the skin without that painted on look. Therefore, I have chosen to use MMUK MAN liquid concealer because of its affordability, longevity and actual visible (well untraceable!) results.