If you think that any old concealer for men will work its magic on your eyes, think again!  As the evolution of makeup for men continues, 2014 saw the introduction of what looks to be at first glance, another stalwart concealing product amongst the MMUK MAN range.  However, as with all of our new formulas, we like to put them through their paces from time to time, to see if such a product really deserves its place as one of our most elite.

To help us today, we've enlisted the help of Tyrone, Stuart and Ben, three guys with varying eye complaints and all equally willing to lay down their grooming grief and go in search of a little colour cosmetic enhancement.

Sporting the corner for guys who suffer with dark circles it's Tyrone.  Meanwhile Stuart suffers from fine lines around the circumference of his eye.  When it comes to eye bags, Ben is your man, as he has admitted to trying every treatment under the sun to fend off his droopy peepers.  But, to this day, with no great luck.

So gentlemen, we decided to put MMUK MAN's Under Eye Concealer to the test and see if implementing a product such as this, really could turn around the grooming fortunes of our much loved followers...and here's what we found out:

Tyrone and his Dark Circles

Tyrone's skin colour best matches colour N7 on our colour pallet, it's slightly tanned but not over the top or anything, but it's with his dark circles that he really has problems.  Tyrone tells us a tale of some real grooming woe and how even 10 hours of sleep a night doesn't seem to help, or standard eye creams and the endless amount of spa and at home treatments he's used over the years.
So, with a little dab of the under eye concealer, we can see an instant impact.  The skin it has been applied to is immediately brighter and as it sinks in, you can instantly see an improvement.  Adam, our Chief men's makeup artist uses a slight angled tip brush to blend the product in and wow! - his transformation is complete.

Stuart reading between the lines

Next, it was the turn of Stuart to go under the microscope, to see if the same product could work for his fine lines that currently exit his outer eyes.  Sometimes called crow’s feet, Adam uses a blending brush and gently applies MMUK MAN's Under Eye Concealer to his affected area.  With a little blending in, the blanket of focused coverage given makes very light work of those deep fine lines.  What was once a confidence damaging set of wrinkles is now a smooth plane of fresh skin and you would quite literally need a microscope to see what lies beneath.

Ben and his bags

Finally, we turn our attention to Ben, who continuously struggles with eye bags.  Similarly to Tyrone, Ben has tried so many products in the past, including a very expensive highlighter pen from Yves Saint Laurent, which didn't seem to do the trick.  What happens next, is quite remarkable and it's quite emotional seeing Ben's ecstatic reaction.  No more eye bags!  The concealer has completely covered them up and you would not believe the transformation.  It's safe to say that all three guys will be going home very happy from the MMUK MAN lab today, with one of these little gems safely secured in their shirt pockets, as a thank you for being our guinea pigs.

It's not often that we do real life skincare tests on our cosmetics but today's results have further reiterated just how far a little dab of under eye concealer can take you.  If you need help of your skin tone, please get in contact with us and we’ll quickly be able to decide what colour will work its magic on you.