Over the years, I’ve used the occasional product from MYEGO, including their hugely popular Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer. To coincide with the release of MYEGO’s latest potential block buster, I decided to check it out, before it goes on sale to the general public, to see if, once again, they have outclassed most within the men’s skin care industry with a true grooming great.

But first, a quick message to MYEGO lovers. Their Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer is expected in late August/early September, with a brand new redeveloped formula on the horizon, that looks set to eclipse its predecessor by a country mile.

Along with that, MYEGO have gone through a little rebranding process with their slick green and white packaging symbolizing the completely natural bases of their brand new formulas. Along with this, the very popular Cover Select concealer is also back for another round in the mens grooming courtyard, with light reflecting properties guaranteed to fend off those troublesome dark circles and eye bags.

Let’s get back on topic for a second and turn our attention to the brand new Hydrate and Protect moisturiser, which I tried for the first time last week and have been using ever since. Stress, fatigue, dehydration and all the usual suspects certainly need to duck for cover if my experience so far is anything to go by.

My first thoughts were that the packaging and bottle itself looks fantastic. It comes in an easy press style tub that dispenses just enough formula to hydrate your face, without making it too oily with waste product. The ingredients of course have been set to completely organic, making this moisturiser a dream for gentlemen who suffer with sensitive and irritable skin.

Next, it came to application. A really light formula that has just enough texture to be smothered evenly over the face and quickly sunk in. The scent it has is terrific and really revitalizing with its components giving just a slight tingle on the surface of your skin for a few moments. Hydrate and Protect seemed to instantly correct any dry patches of skin I had on my face and really give it a level of comfort, I rarely experience with moisturisers of this price point.

Over the coming days, I noticed a notable improvement in the condition of my skin and my skin tone itself drastically improved, along with the feel of the outer layer of skin on my face. It seems to take away all the fatigue and stress in my skin, you know, that aggravation that tends to build up throughout your week, crippling your confidence come Friday night party time.

For the money, a very good addition to any man’s grooming regime. It can be worn nicely after your regular shaving routine, or even prior to applying mens cosmetic products, as its lightweight feel doesn’t clog down your pores, something common later on in my busy day’, prior to using this product. A solid product from MYEGO that I think will give them a great degree of success.

Stay tuned gentlemen, next week, we’ll be looking at the new MYEGO Cover Select Concealer and getting some vital facts from my colleague Stuart, who regularly suffers with dark circles and eye bags. For now, enjoy your weekend.