It’s always an exciting time of year when we expand our product portfolio and introduce brand new makeup for men products into our collection. May saw the launch of our eye-catching and mineral rich Setting Spray, which has proved very popular in recent weeks. Now it’s a new month, it’s time for yet another new face in our collection and this June, it comes in the form of MMUK MAN’s Liquid Colour Correcting Primer.

We know that a lot of people may wonder whether men really need more options to choose from in the cosmetics field and some may even think that we’re overcomplicating things. However, with the modern man growing more and more interested in beauty and with the plate tectonics of the cosmetics market shifting faster than any of us ever thought possible - the simple answer is an astounding yes!

Men are no longer simply accepting makeup as part of their grooming routines, as if it were an unavoidable necessity to look their very best. Instead, they are in fact growing to love the products that the market continues to delightfully dish up and are naturally looking to broaden their horizons and test more and more products, in their bid to put their best face forward every single day.

With MMUK MAN’s Liquid Colour Correcting Primer, you can prep your face for a flawless makeup application and use it’s various colour options to tackle specific long-standing skin imperfections in the process. The idea behind this corrector is that it is applied beneath concealer and foundation to essentially balance out and counteract the visibility of common skin complaints, such as redness, dark circles, dull-looking skin and uneven skin tone. This primer has been designed to glide on effortlessly and deliver an effortless and smooth canvas, which can be built upon with colour cosmetics.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty.

If your complexion’s looking pale and washed out, which can happen to the best of us from time to time - deploy the pink version of this primer to add a healthy flush of colour to your skin. Along with improving the overall health of your skin, the pink colour option also gives the rest of your makeup a brighter impact upon application.

One skin problem all too common amongst guys is an uneven tone. There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying your upmost to balance out your skin tone with products and your complexion simply isn’t playing ball. In this instance, you should use the Yellow colour option, which promises an immediate impact.

Next, it’s the turn of the green liquid primer to take centre stage and provide you with a little skin care relief. This primer is ideal for hiding the appearance of redness, Rosacea and general breakouts of red areas across your boat race. We know you might think adding green to red on your face is going to leave you looking like The Incredible Hunk, but trust us, the power’s of this primer in particular are enough to give your grooming game lift off.

That leaves us with just two colour options to go and we’ll start off with the mauve colour option, which has been designed to give your skin a fresh and healthy glow, whilst illuminating and naturally brightening your complexion. The final colour option, peach, gives an all round improvement in tone, texture and colour - perfect if you suffer with a combination of skin inconsistencies across your face. The peach colour option is also wonderful at combatting dark circles and hiding areas of damage on maturer skin, for example sun spots.

So, that wraps up the latest makeup masterclass to come from the increasingly productive MMUK MAN conveyor belt of products. Our colour correcting primers go on sale on Monday 18th June and will be available at all global retailers from July 1st - priced at £24.00.