A few months ago now, MMUK MAN launched our hotly anticipated Beard Filler. In a bid to solve the beard growth conundrums of thousands of men, we called in our manufacturing team to produce a natural, long lasting product that could be easily applied to quickly beef up your beard. It is with no exaggeration to say that the product has been even more well received by the UK's grooming guys and guru’s , than we could ever have anticipated. Without blowing our own trumpet too much, hundreds of men have already took a shine to our beard filler, in a bid to boost their beardly confidence.

Today, with great excitement, we are proud to introduce you to the next level in beard grooming, in the form of MMUK MAN's Beard Filler Palette - a clean cut black case, containing either a trio of different coloured beard fillers, or the larger five series. Neatly disguise your patchy and uneven beards with the beard filler palette, which like all of our other cosmetic products for men, don't stick out like a sore thumb. Encased in matte finished hard shell case, you can now take a little MMUK MAN with you on the go with complete confidence in our expertise.

A common query raised by our male makeup followers was the challenges they face in getting their beard filler colour just right. At present, the single beard filler pots come in either blonde, black or brown. However, with more colours on the way and a great selection to chosen in each of our new palettes, getting it just right has never looked or felt so easy.

‘The idea behind the Beard Filler Palette is that guys can mix and match the colours with the same brush to get their colour match just right. The product is simple, stylish and covers all bases in tidying up patch beards with even different colour tones. It really is a master class for men with any coloured beard, including grey and ginger. The colours work well and the results in testing have been phenomenal.’ Said Alex Dalley, co-founder in a recent article.

Stored nicely away on your bathroom shelf, either palette can be used with an angled tip brush or eye shadow brush for quick and easy application and with each containing a free brush to get you started, upon arrival, you will be well on your way to a more confident you. With a logo that screams masculinity, up your grooming game today with either one of our brand new men's makeup products, available in late August. In the meantime, our pots of men's beard filler are now back in stock. Grab yours now and get 10% off using code 'mmuk10' as a little thank you for your custom.