There’s a lot of buzz surrounding mineral makeup within the men’s cosmetic and grooming industry at the moment and with good reason.  Mineral makeup products like foundation, anti-shine and bronzer are made from pure minerals, including titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and are renowned for being much kinder to the skin than normal male makeup products.  Here are six hidden benefits of using mineral makeup as a man, all combining to make a powerful case for switching to this form of coverage.


It Lasts Much Longer

Mineral makeup products often provide longer lasting coverage than their regular counterparts.  It’s said that mineral makeup typically lasts between ten and twelve hours, before starting to lose definition and coverage, whereas regular foundations and bronzers usually lose performance after approximately eight.  Mineral product are typically used by makeup artists, on men who spend long hours behind the camera or on set. ‘You can always feel the high quality of mineral products during application’ says co-founder of MMUK MAN Alex Dalley.

It is perfect for Sensitive Skin


Mineral makeup for men is fantastic for gentlemen who suffer with sensitive skin, that often reacts to sudden changes in temperature and humidity.  If you find yourself constantly battling with itching, burning and inflamed skin, then the skin care qualities of the minerals inbuilt into this product range will provide fantastic anti-inflammatory and calming benefits.  Minerals are non-occlusive, which means they allow the skin to breathe and optimally function, without being suffocated.


It Covers Up Redness and Rosacea

Another common skin condition linked to sensitive skin is Rosacea.  If you’re constantly in a bathroom tug-of-war with redness and Rosacea, then the premium qualities of mineral men’s makeup will go a long way to not only covering these common skin complaints, but treating them too.  Mineral makeup is free of potentially skin irritating ingredients, which include dyes, fragrance and colorants, all of which can have harmful effects on your skin’s moisture and redness barriers and result in unruly breakouts.

It Has Sun Protection Benefits


Yet another shield in the arsenal of mineral men’s cosmetics and this comes in the form of enhanced sun protection.  Combine this range of men’s grooming products with your daily SPF for enhanced protection against age-accelerating and potentially very harmful UVA and UVB rays.  There are two main minerals in these products that combine to boost your skin’s daily defense against these rays, which are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.


It’s Great For All Skin Types

Mineral men’s makeup is suitable for all skin types.  For most of us mere mortals, still trying to adapt to and understand the true powers of male makeup products, choosing the right products for your skin type can sometimes throw another spanner in the works.  If you’re dealing with mineral makeup specifically, you don’t have to worry about getting the correct products for you skin, as mineral makeup is suitable for all skin types, from dusty and dry to oily and swamped.  Oily, dry or combination skin types can be effectively managed with this type of makeup, providing that you choose an appropriate men’s moisturiser or primer, prior to applying your products.  The importance of using a primer or moisturiser is so that the minerals within these products have a soft and hydrated surface to lie on.  If you have oily skin, it’s always advisable to finish your routine with a matifying powder on your t-zone.

Acne Can Finally Be Tackled


A key reason guys resort to makeup is to cover up acne, acne scars, blemishes and spots.  Mineral makeup is wonderfully effective at covering these common confidence cripplers, without putting your skin in further danger of break outs.  Mineral products do not clog your skin’s pores and instead, allow them to breathe, whilst still providing natural and superior coverage.  These products are also non-irritating and non comedogenic.