If you think spilling coffee down your favourite suit or sleeping through your alarm is as bad as your morning can get, try taking a long hard look in the mirror and realizing the presence of dark circles. These confidence hitting little blighters are most likely the result of dehydration, poor health, tiredness and stress. Fortunately, for all the fellas out there finding themselves constantly in this boat, the men’s makeup market has assembled an expert range of men’s under eye concealers over the last few years and today, we’ll be burning you through the top six.

An under eye concealer for men, in most cases, prove that a little touch up in the cosmetic department can really take you an almighty long way towards more youthful, vibrant and energized peepers - now who’s going to say no to that? Combat your dark circles, bags and even fine lines around the outer eye with these makeup for men must haves for 2017.

MYEGO Cover Select Concealer

Covering everything from dark circles to thread veins, MYEGO's Cover Select Concealer has long been a stalwart in the male makeup arena and promises to answer all of your imperfection prayers. MYEGO have developed this formula to be worn completely undetectable and dispensed evenly and easily with its brush style applicator, making it a true dream for the modern man. Coming in a light universal colour, Cover Select is perfect for men of every skin type, tone and texture and is a snip at around £15.00.

Recipe For Men Concealer

Coming in three expert true skin matching shades, light, medium and dark, Recipe For Men's Concealer can be dabbed onto the under eye contour to give immediate enhancement, brightness and subtle coverage of the most fierce dark circles. This vitamin E enriched formula blankets the skin with illuminating microscopic particles that refract natural light and reduce the appearance of bags all day long. A creamy and caring liquid concealer that can also double up as a blemish and rash concealer when needed, enjoy double coverage power in an instant.

MMUK MAN Touche Veil Concealer Pen

Released just twelve months ago and already a winner of some very prestigious male grooming awards, MMUK MAN's Touche Veil Concealer Pen is proving to be an iconic concealer within the world of men’s cosmetics. Touche Veil comes in an extra light formula for very pale complexions that suffer with dark circles, as well as a N5 version that’s suitable for all light to medium skin tones. Finally, a Universal Brightener version has been adapted to nullify dark circles on darker coloured complexions. Built with a similar brush style click dispenser, like that of MYEGO’s Cover Select, this concealer pen guarantees a quick and subtle fix for all your under eye related imperfections. Touche Veil feels and performs as luxurious as it looks and blends into your skin care collection effortlessly.

House Of Formen Under Eye + Pro Palette

Relatively new on the male cosmetic circuit, House of Formen operate predominantly state site and have built up a substantial male following, with the help of their Under Eye Concealer + Pro Palette. Use its yellow section to neutralize severe under eye bags and circles that are blue and purple. This palette’s green segment is perfect for combatting redness around the eyes and spider veins, whilst the purple option is reserved for dark circles that appear yellow and discolored. It’s advisable to use another under eye concealer on top of this pro palette, but for an expert under touch, House Of Formen hit all the right notes.

Calvin Klein All Day Perfection Concealer

Another men’s under eye concealer that gives you a lot of bang for your buck is Calvin Klein's All Day Perfection Concealer, a liquid based high coverage formula that sinks and dries into your skin quickly, giving amazing results! This premium male concealer certainly lasts all day long and guarantees that your cover up won’t be blown. From business meetings, lunches to after work dinners and drinks - you’ll never pay the price for staying up an extra hour or two box set binging ever again. Coverage is excellent and the brightening aspect of this skin camouflage cream makes light work of confidence crippling circles.

MMUK MAN Under Eye Concealer

Arguably one of the best men’s concealers that’s ever existed, MMUK MAN's Under Eye Concealer is a high coverage liquid based cover up cream that tackles dark circles, brought on by a lack of sleep, excessive alcohol and late nights burning the midnight oil - to name but a few. Its simple and masculine design screams of luxury, whilst the formula itself packs a formidable punch, when it comes to effortlessly covering up all of those common facial non-favourites. The Under Eye Concealer comes in a choices of eight shades to guarantee a perfect match to your skin tone. What makes this concealer stand head and shoulders above the rest is its ability to blend in and work with other types of men’s makeup product like foundation and mascara, without losing performance or becoming cakey in the slightest. There’s little surprise that this has surged up the popularity ranks over the last two or three years, as thousands of guys search to snap the perfect Selfie!