Just why is it so important to remove your makeup at the end of your day gentlemen? In today’s men’s makeup blog, I’ll be giving you six, glaring, not to be dodged, reasons, why going to bed without makeup on is so crucial, not just for your skin’s overall help, but for the future performance of your chosen cosmetic products.

I know how you feel, you’ve had a long day in the office and at meetings. You’ve finally made it home through the rush hour and the first thing you want to do is put your feet up and sit back with a beer. However, before you drift into chill town, always remove your makeup products, to avoid risking going to bed with your products on later in the night and this is exactly why.

It May Cause Breakouts

Failing to appropriately cleanse and tone twice a day results in a backlog of dead skin cells, dirt and oil deep within the skin. The result? Your skin will become clogged and unable to remove such toxins by itself and this will ultimately lead to break outs in the form of small blemishes, blackheads and in severe cases, pimples. When you then go to apply concealer the following day, the demand and pressure placed upon it to cover is increased, thus dropping the performance of such cosmetic products. It’s a plain and simple don’t do it, in my book!

Your Skin Will Look Fatigued

Similarly a lack of facial exfoliating and cleansing before bed will undoubtedly result in your complexion looking fatigued an dull. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the outer layer of your epidermis and in turn, boosts skin cell turnover. Therefore, you’ll benefit from a brighter and more toned complexion in the morning when you wake up.

You Might Start To Look Older

When you go to bed wearing makeup, with it pressed against your skin between your face and pillow, it causes environmentally driven toxins and impurities to run riot within your skin and worst still, oxidate over a period of four to six hours. Such effects might not mean much in the short term, but long term, your skin will begin to look older and the appearance of fine lines will be enhanced. No guy wants to look older, age gracefully and don’t force the issue!

It Can Really Irritate Acne

If you have temperamental skin, or a complexion that is prone to acne break outs, then removing makeup at the end of your day is absolutely paramount! Regular cleansing improves your skin’s natural barriers against skin inflammation, irritation and acne, so even if you use mineral makeup, which is known to be fantastic for healing acne, you still need to make sure it’s removed at the end of your day.

It Can Anger The Skin

Many budget makeup brands contain parabens, dyes and fragrance that, if left on too long, can be especially problematic for Rosacea and irritation prone skin. If you have sensitive skin in particular, leaving your makeup on is an absolutely no go and even if you shop towards the top end of male makeup, it’s not worth running the risk of angering such skin problems.

You’ll Become More Reliant On Makeup

Finally, sleeping in your male makeup products seriously restricts your skin’s ability to breathe and naturally fend off blemishes, imperfections and break outs. Doing so, will ultimately make you more reliant on makeup products in the future, rather than simply using cosmetic products, such as foundation and concealer to simply assist in your complexions enhancement. You’ll notice this specifically with regards to skin tone, smoothness and texture.