Navigating those tricky teenage years can be difficult enough, without adding troublesome and spot prone skin to the equation. Caused by the fast and furious flow of hormones, that make the skin generate more oil and result in your pores becoming clogged, spots, whatever way you look at it, really can go and take a hike! Popping up when you least want them, these confidence crushing bleeders, just always seem to run riot, leading a massive percentage of boys in particular with nowhere to turn - until now.

Fortunately for young guys out there suffering with constant breakouts and acne, there is an answer!

In 2007, co-founder of MMUK MAN, Alex Dalley visited a dermatologist, seeking advice on the best way to treat and heal his severe acne. After hours and hours of researching and finally plucking up the coverage to go and see a specialist, he began to realise that, as gruelling as it seemed, there was no quick fix to his condition, with antibiotics being offered which could take up to 4 months to begin to work. With university fast approaching and his confidence in tatters, it was time to start taking some serious action.

'I remember it was the evening of my Year 13 prom and my skin was just dreadful. My mum suggested applying a little bit of makeup to my face, in a last ditch afford to transform my skin. At first, I said something along the lines of 'you have to be kidding me' - or words to that effect, as I thought I couldn't be seen wearing make-up. What would my friends say?'

But, what if Alex couldn't be seen in it? Would it finally camouflage those harsh pimples? At least for one night? Alex goes on to explain how the next few minutes went on to change his life, his mindset and ultimately the rest of his life, along with about 10,000 other people so far.

'After being persuaded to give it ago by my mum and cousin, a few minutes later came the application. After just a simple wash and dry of my face, my mum applied just a simple primer, foundation, in the same way you would a normal moisturiser and then a concealer right at the end. I vividly remember it taking about five minutes and becoming really inpatient, but after I saw my skin in the mirror, floods of tears just started to flow. I could not believe it! When you have something weighing you down for so many years, the comments, the missing out on all the other things your friends got up to, because you simply didn't have it within you to do it. Then, to have it all erased in the blink of an eye, wow! I just knew I just couldn't stop there.'

It's safe to say that he didn't. After attending university Alex began locating makeup manufacturers who had the ability and knowledge to create makeup and cover up formulas, suitable for teenage and men's skin. Through eighteen months of product testing and in August 2012 the market saw the introduction of the MMUK MAN range, which includes the same trio of products that transformed his confidence some five years previous.

'I needed to make a range of product that didn't look feminine in any way. The thought of having flowers or girly packaging was just a no no. Eventually, we came up with the design and incorporated it with the formula and began taking MMUK MAN to the mass market.' Today, MMUK MAN's concealer stick for men is’s most popular product, already purchased by thousands of teenagers, keen to undergo the same transformation as experienced by the brands very founder himself.

'I feel a huge connection to the product, mainly because I know how similar products quite literally changed my life and in every stick, pot or tub, I know the power it has for young guys desperate to fight and remove spots and acne.'

With application taking just a few short minutes, the golden trio of skin primer (replacing your existing moisturiser), foundation for men and MMUK MAN's Concealer Stick itself, every young man out there can enjoy the freedom of clear skin, without running the risk of it being noticed. For a special occasion, event, or simply just in day to day life, getting rid of acne may just become your best ever move.

Used alongside a good quality grooming routine, that includes a gentle face scrub, wash and daily cleanser, tackle the spot causing debris from behind the scenes and skin damaging spots in one massive double hit. Better still, application couldn't be easier. MMUK MAN has been designed for great application using your fingertips, meaning no standing in front of the mirror holding up a makeup brush like your sister and risking valuable man-points in front of the boys being lost. Alex referenced how those five minutes changed his life forever and now it's your turn to get on board!