Dear Men’s Makeup,

I have recently just come across your website and it looks very interesting. My problem is this however: I am a twenty-three year old guy and unfortunately have always suffered with moles on my face. I was pretty depressed about them for a long time and they have given me self-esteem issues. Every time someone looked at my face I would feel like they were noticing them and it made me feel very insecure. About 2 years ago I had a load of them removed. Now this has made my face look better but it's still not good enough for me,

The moles I've had removed have left kind of unsightly round, reddish scars with some brown pigment left over, they look better than the moles but they are still not particularly attractive and they do still get me down. I feel I need makeup to cover these up as I feel it's the only solution, the good thing is that the scars aren't raised much at all, so I feel they can be covered up,

I am willing to buy whatever products I have to, but what I want is just for these products to cover up the scars/moles completely, so i don't have to worry about them anymore. I don't however want it to be obvious I’m wearing makeup so i want to make sure i get the right colour and have it look completely natural. I've attached a picture of myself that i took today and hopefully you can tell me what skin colour I am and what makeup product I should buy. I've also attached to some pictures of the scars I need covering,

I am happy buying whatever is needed and recommended I just want these scars covered up properly and completely so I don't have to worry about them anymore and so I can get my confidence back. Please help and let me know what products I should buy,


Here’s what MMUK MAN had to say:

Good morning Glenn,

I hope you are well and thank you for getting in touch,

Firstly, I can confirm that your skin shade is N5 on our colour palette, so whatever you go for, this is the one that closely matches your skin tone. I can completely understand where you’re coming from, our founder Alex suffered with bad acne way into his early 20’s and trying every cream under the sun, it wasn’t long before he realized, makeup had to be the answer. We can certainly help with the covering of moles and just giving your skin a nice bit of refreshment, so here it goes:

As the scars you mentioned aren’t raised, this means you will be able to get away with using a nice foundation, as it will smooth out your complexion, without looking bumpy and noticeable. I would recommend MMUK MAN’s Pro Finish Foundation for men in the colour N5. This can be applied with the included sponge all over your face, in a gentle circular motion. Make sure you have a nice amount on the sponge and really blend it into every area of your face. Firstly, however, I’d recommend using a little men’s skin primer, this can be applied to the face like you would a moisturiser and will create a nice barrier between your skin and makeup and make your skin supple, prior to the application of your foundation,

The most important thing is that it looks natural and combining both of these products first off will help you achieve that. After you’ve applied your foundation, you’ll notice your skin look completely blanketed in natural and enhancing coverage, that won’t look obvious and you moles will begin to disappear. You may have the odd one that still stands out a little and these will be the moles that are typically larger and more defined than the others. For this, use MMUK MAN’s Concealer Trio (in Warm Front) to dab concealer onto your moles with your fingertip or blending brush, before gently blending the product into the skin around them using the same dabbing technique. It really is a case of practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to have a few trial runs before you wear your makeup out for the first time,

To finish, dust a little Anti Shine Powder over your entire face, focusing on the areas that tend to get a little shiny throughout the day, like the forehead, temples and cheeks. This translucent powder will set your makeup all day long and help it remain undetectable to onlookers. I really hope that this information was useful and combining this set of products will give you a really nice boost in confidence. Remember, I’m always at your service,