Acne scaring, whatever way you look at it can be a real grooming hang-up. It may have been years since you've suffered with acne, but you may still be paying the price for those troublesome teenage years. Whether on the face, neck or back, scaring develops in most moderate to severe cases of acne and despite being improved with a good quality skin care regime, can never really be disguised without calling in the big guns.

Today, we'll be taking a closer look at men's acne scaring and discover the various techniques used by men to cover, concealer and finally fend them a not too fond farewell. Often congregating around the outer eyes and cheekbones, scaring can really affect your frame of mind and more importantly, your confidence. However, with a little help from MMUK MAN, pick your cover up strategy and completely go with it. You never know! You might even discover a few other benefits along the way!

If your acne scaring is mild, then it may be worth adopting the use of a men's tinted moisturiser. The reason being that this mild tanning agent shallows out the appearance of scaring, along with the toning qualities of a tan. You are much more likely to achieve an even skin tone with the use of such a product and gives the illusion of a smoother skin surface across the entirety of your face, along with a nice natural healthy glow.

For more severe cases a slightly thicker formula is needed in the form of a foundation for men, such as one of MMUK MAN's. Choosing a colour close to your skin colour and whilst this form of cosmetic product will not have the same tanning element, their superior coverage properties are perfect for specific areas of the face which have visible damage. By refining and evening your entire complexion once again, will leave your severe acne scaring well and truly running for the hills, if just for the day.

Another element used for the coverage of acne scaring in very specific areas, for example, if you have scaring from one particular spot, or even a birth mark is concealer. If this is the case then any one of MMUK MAN's concealer for men products combine subtlety with superior coverage in a winning formula, guaranteed to reignite your grooming performance. MMUK MAN's concealer stick is a very good option as you can quite simply dot the product where it's most needed and gently blend in to the surrounding unaffected skin.

Some other guys opt for a BB cream, should they wish to combine their cosmetics with healing and sun protection properties. For this, Urban Soul's Advanced Detox BB Cream and BRTC's Male BB Cream are both worthy alternatives in this product cateogry, devoted to getting your skin back on track.