Dear MMUK, It wasn't long ago (few weeks back) that I started experimenting with make-up but had only access to physical stores in Sweden that only comprised of female make-up. I have tried different shades and the best ones are bareMinerals matte medium beige 12 foundation, Clarin's concealer 01 & 02, and BM cream concealer medium 02. The best shade is Clarin's 01 together with 02. 01 being slightly too light but definitely not by much. And 02 being a bit too dark. I have also tried the Dior Forever Foundation, 020 being a bit too light, but 022 being the best option.

I also have a powder concealer from BM with the color "summer bisque", which I find being just perfect to cover up blemishes after a BM foundation medium beige as the liquid concealer by Clarin's tend to disappear when I apply the powder foundation and fell that I need to add extra concealer on these areas, this time with the powder concealer so that I don't make it cakey by applying liquid concealer on top of the mineral powder.

Regretfully, many of the products contain glitter and shine which does not fit well with my manly complexion. Therefore, I would like to purchase MMUK products. Now, based on this information, what would you recommend? I am mainly interested MMUK BB cream, MMUK MAN Concealer Trio For Men, MMUK MAN Anti-Shine Powder, CK or MMUK foundation liquid or powder (depending on in what order and what products to apply first) and finally some primer. And about the BB cream, when is this applied? First before (or after) the primer or after as a finish?

Hello there Michael, Thank you very much for getting in touch with MMUK MAN and after reading through your e-mail, I'm very confident that we can help you with a natural looking routine that matches your skin tone perfectly. Unfortunately, it's still a problem that men's makeup products aren't available in stores, but we are working hard to change that. Quite a lot of female products inevitably contain glitter too, which is why so many men give them a try, only to realise later that they just look too gloomy and feminine and with some companies harsh exchange policies, it can often lead to a waste of quite a lot of money.

Based on your description of the shades of makeup that you have tried and which ones closely match your skin tone, I'm very confident that the colour N5 on our palette will suit your skin perfectly. N5 Is in the middle of the Clarins concealer 01 and 02, which it sounds like your skin tone currently sits in. As for our BB cream, I'd recommend this in Light/Medium, which is the middle colour option on the product page, as you want this type of product to give a slight hint of colour on your skin, as your skin is often ready for that at its stage of application.

I'd firstly recommend starting with our men's skin primer, which creates a soft and comfortable canvas for the rest of your makeup to be built upon. You only need a couple of drops of this on your finger tips before you rub it in all over your face and it also protects your skin all day too.

Next, I'd recommend our Liquid foundation and applying this with a Foundation Brush. The brush is excellent as it ensures the product goes on nice and evenly and is applied to all the little kinks and crevices of your skin - making it look all the more natural. This foundation, like all of our products, leave a matte 'no glitter' finish.

If you want to add a little colour, you can then apply the BB Cream, but you only need a little bit if you're combining it with the foundation just to add a little colour. If you apply too much of both your skin will start to look caked up, which we don't really want to happen.

You'll then notice your skin's tone and texture to look a lot more even, smooth and healthy. If you suffer with blemishes, dark circles and other imperfections, you'll notice only the more defined blemishes still noticeable, which is where the concealer trio comes in. A gentle dab of concealer over them and under the eyes will cover them up brilliantly and it sets in just a few seconds. You can even use a blending brush for that extra professional touch.

To finish, dust a little Anti-Shine powder over your t-zone to keep your products in place all day and stay protected against shine. This can be applied with a Powder Brush and helps your whole face look subtle and fresh all day long.

I really hope this information was useful and has helped you understand which order to apply your products. I've also put links to my suggestions and if you need any more advice, either before or after your purchase, I'm always here.