If you’re regularly struggling with itching, burning and red skin, the chances are that you have a sensitive skin type. Other men’s sensitive skin symptoms include dryness, peeling, bumps, scaling and occasionally, stinging. If this sounds like you, it’s very important to manage a very particular men’s skin care and makeup routine on a daily basis, to keep your symptoms at a minimum. One of the main reasons why men choose to wear makeup is to cover up the appearance of redness and inflamed sensitive skin. A lot of the guys who get in touch with us seem to have tried every ‘anti redness’ or sensitive skin product under the sun, without their goal of calm, even and healthy looking skin ever being fully achieved. They often see male makeup as a last resort and in today’s blog, I’ll be showing you how you can finally bag yourself a champion complexion without anybody even noticing that you’re even wearing cosmetic products for men.

One of the best ingredients to calm and nourish sensitive skin, as well as give you your first line of protection against all the usual symptoms is Hyaluronic Acid. Therefore, we advise you to start your post shower routine with the use of MMUK MAN ’sIntense Hyaluronic Moisturiser, which has been built specifically for men’s sensitive skin types. This powerful skin hydrator works tirelessly behind the scenes to balance out the challenges of sensitive skin, without over clogging your skin with excess product. Apply a thin layer of this fast-absorbing men’s moisturiser and let it sink into your skin for about thirty seconds before moving on.

Next, when it comes to men’s makeup, it’s crucial to be on the lookout for mineral makeup products. Mineral makeup is quite literally made from grounded down minerals that are known for their superb healing, protective and anti-inflammatory properties. Mineral makeup is also perfect for managing sensitive men’s skin effectively and gives exactly the same coverage as regular products. The one downside however, is that they are slightly more expensive, as the process of manufacturing them is typically longer and more in-depth.

I would recommend starting with Mineral Matte Foundation. This can be applied with its included application sponge gently over your face in a circular motion. Simply apply a little product onto its sponge and begin to blend into your skin, focusing particularly on the areas of your face that can appear more red and angry. What you get with mineral makeup is a double action of skin calming qualities and cover up, that looks natural, which guarantees to give you a timely boost in confidence.

If you find your skin prone to blemishes and break outs, next, apply a little MMUK MAN concealer (either in a stick or pot format). This product can be applied lightly over any lingering imperfections, after you apply foundation and will act as a little extra protection, whilst looking very natural in the process.

To finish, your fourth product should be in the form of MMUK MAN’s Mineral Anti Shine Powder. Again, the mineral composition of this product has superior skin care benefits and the powder itself will do a great job at resizing your skin’s pores, giving the skin a final evenness in tone and making sure your foundation and concealer stays in place all day long. It’s also crucial to deploy an anti-shine powder at this stage of your routine, so that your makeup doesn’t fall away from your face throughout the day and start to look less subtle. If you’re keen for your products to remain very natural, this one is a winner.

When it comes to applying your concealer and mineral anti-shine powder, do so with a Blending Brush and Mineral Buffer Brush respectively. These gentle brushes guarantee to not disrupt and antagonize your sensitive skin and ensure product application is easy, natural and seamless. Whether you’re a male makeup newbie, or veteran, this simple 4-step routine can be followed by every man out there with sensitive skin and better still, with a couple of practices, you’ll soon be making it work just right for you. If you are unsure of what shade in the foundation and concealer to go for, please feel free to send us in a photo of your face or the back of your hand and we can advise you straight way.