Next week, we will celebrate the launch of Evolution Man's Pure and Matte Nail Varnish and Pure Bling Nail Paint here at MMUK MAN. Proving to be quite the phenomenon in the men's grooming corner at present, men's nail art and painting certainly shows no signs of slowing in its popularity. As more and more gentlemen discover the benefits of undergoing man'icures, we've decided to put a list of male celebrities who completely rock Male Polish.

In October, MMUK MAN ourselves have a fantastic line of Nail Paints and Varnishes being released, arriving in a delightful and eclectic selection of colours. From deep and mysterious blacks and greys, to the bold and brazen bright blues, reds and yellows, showcasing this latest men’s cosmetic trend with us, might just set you apart.

So, why use Nail Paint for men? Aside from improving the condition and shape of your nails, the designs and colours available to men really do create a look to remember. As the grooming community quickly warms to the rise in the popularity of such products, isn't it about time you got red carpet ready by drawing inspiration from some of the world's leading male celebrities?

Nail varnish for men is not actually that new. In 2010, Zac Efron showed up to a chat show sporting some blue and white nails on his left hand. Whilst a lot of guys will inevitably draw their own conclusions that nail art on men is simply too feminine, take a step back and realize that having Zac Efron's dating CV wouldn't be considered failure by any stretch of the imagination. In a bid to attract the ladies, like Zac, why not dabble in a little colour to truly make you stand out from the crowd?

Nobody does sexy and mysterious like Johnny Depp and in 2011, he rocked a full set of bright blue nails for a red carpet event, laying down the gauntlet of how modern day men should really think outside the box when it comes to male grooming. Just this year, Brad Pitt, who wouldn't get kicked out of bed in a hurry by most women, rocked a multicolored set of nails for a showbiz event at the Palm Springs Film Festival, completely bringing sexy back to his trend setting persona.

Both MMUK MAN and Evolution Man's nail paints and polishes are 100% natural vegan formulas and come with easy application tips, perfect for whether you're new to male polish or a relative seasoned pro. Why not cut yourself from red carpet royalty by drawing inspiration from Zac, Brad and Johnny and getting on the bandwagon of the latest wave sweeping the male grooming world? With both shiny and matte finish products on offer, you can really choose to be as subtle or as flashy as you wish guys. Remembering to wear your new look with complete confidence, add a little more MMUK MAN into your life today and continue to reap the royalties.