There's been quite a lot of buzz surrounding men's BB creams over the past couple of years, resulting in this section of the men's makeup market being populated with over fifteen entries right now. One long standing favourite, with our clients in particular, has been Urban Soul Men's BB Cream. A powerful blemish balm on paper, at a great price too, how would it fare under the microscope, as we present this week's male makeup review?

My first impressions of this reasonably priced male cosmetic product was that it is very well packaged and nicely designed. I like the look of the box and container and it's sleek shimmery surface would sit proudly on most men's bathroom shelves. When it comes to my skin, I have quite a few blemishes across my entire face and despite not exactly being a teen, I do however get the occasional spot, usually when I least want them! My skin's a little pale this time of year and whilst it's condition is okay, I can't help think that something is missing.

Well, this was the case until about a week ago when I began using Urban Soul's BB cream twice daily. The texture of the cream itself is really light and I particularly like how it sinks in really quick and doesn't leave my skin shiny. I have a light to medium complexion and the tone of this male makeup product matched my skin just right.

Instantly, my skin appeared to be more even in its tone and blemishes that I always suffer with instantly get covered in the process. I did have a couple of large spots on my forehead, but a dab of concealer at the end, left them completely blanketed with the initial help of the BB cream. Better still, I enjoyed long lasting coverage throughout all the days I used it last week and it even kept my skin under wraps when going to the gym, where it typically flares up.

A week or so on after using it, my natural skin's performance has increased tenfold! It's condition looks much more refined and my pores appear more even. I also look less tired and much more healthier. I do used tinted products from time to time to get such effects, but when it comes to do it in a natural looking way, I will definitely be gunning for a BB cream going forward. I've also sent a couple of samples of BB creams to my younger cousin, who has dry and blemish prone skin and will update you guys shortly on how he finds it, as I've heard great things in this products effects against the appearance of acne.

I love Urban Soul's BB cream and having tried a few over the years, I'd definitely put this in the same bracket of Elishacoy's and BRTC's Homme Blemish Balms for men and certainly recommend it for men struggling to fend off the same imperfections as I used to deal with.