The idea of using makeup for the majority of guys, seems like a daunting process and lifestyle. Makeup is such a powerful tool and holds such versatile properties to it these days. It has evolved so much over the last few years, now with formulas that provide many benefits to your skin’s health. This is what you’ll find with the luxurious and premium brand MMUK MAN. Aimed at men’s skin, which is scientifically different to women’s skin. Men’s skin is generally a lot tougher and thicker in its consistency. So formulas have been created to provide untraceable coverage with a veil-like layer that blankets on the skin. This leaves your skin able to breathe, without the worry of your pores clogging and gives you a radiant complexion each day. MMUK MAN have spent years testing formulas to create powerful applicators to give men an edge in today’s competitive and contemporary world.

You’ll be surprised at how many men use some form of makeup during their day to day life. You’d have probably walked past a whole handful of men who look good and are using coverup. You see it has become the norm and its important to understand what exactly you can get from using it yourself. MMUK MAN has a wonderful platform to give those who are new (and experienced) to men’s cosmetics all the insight they need. From simple, yet detailed product descriptions, to easy to follow video tutorials with a step by step process. You also have the option for a skin colour match with their incredible team. Just send a recent unfiltered photo of yourself and they will match the correct colour for you to use with their product line. This will ensure you have exactly the best product to maximise your coverup goals!

MMUK MAN’s makeup range is already extensive. With many different varieties for each category (foundations, bronzers), you’ll be sure to find a product that works for your skin. It is easy to get started but like mentioned above, can be a daunting process for newbies. Firstly, choose what it is exactly what you want to achieve using makeup. Do you want a full face with a radiant complexion and flawless camera-ready skin? Are you after something mineral based that isn’t in the form of a liquid cream? Do you want a simple regime to brighten your skin and hide prominent dark circles and blemishes? Are you just wanting to focus on a specific area on the face, the eyes brows and lashes maybe? Once you know exactly what it is you want to achieve, the process becomes much easier and more enjoyable too.

MMUK MAN pride themselves in creating products that can be used by any man, at any age and for whatever reason they are choosing. Using the products over a long period of time allows for the science behind the formula to really make a positive impact to your skin. For example, the translucent Lash Primer will help to not only neaten unruly lashes and provide more volume to your gaze but nourish and condition the hair itself. Leaving your lashes over time stronger, more resilient and thicker, to naturally look more impactful. It is this brilliant attention to detail that give MMUK MAN a great reputation for delivering excellence in their products. Their formulas are created with a weightless texture that works with your skin, instead of sitting on top and looking too ‘cakey’. This term is used for makeup that covers the skin but looks thick and layered. Using one of MMUK MAN’s excellent makeup brushes for men, provides even texturing to the application on your skin. You can blanket your skin for the better without any heaviness, clumping or waste of product. As each products quality is ensured by the team.

It is a fantastic time to get behind this brand that is already taking its next steps to go more global. With a friendly and responsive customer team, MMUK MAN have already paved a strong path for the men’s makeup industry. The option to coverup an unsightly spot with a concealer here and a such of foundation there, allows you a more comfortable and confident complexion that you can be happy with. Make the step and get involved.