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Evolution Man Matte Tinted Moisturiser

SPF 20 Oil Free Moisture Protect Cream
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For gentlemen constantly playing tug of war with oily skin in the bathroom, the fight is finally over thanks to Evolution Man and their luxury matte tinted Moisturiser. This oil-free and SPF20 moisture protecting cream harbours all the benefits of quality skin care for men, with an added bronze tint, to make you look tanned, toned and ready for action. Offering a soft and subtle bronze blanket of coverage to your complexion, this tinted moisturiser also blurs away common facial imperfections, such as marks and blemishes, resulting in a clearer skin surface. For 100% cover up of those more defined skin problems, combine with a concealer for men of colour N7 and finally get your grooming game back on track.

This super lightweight matte moisturiser is optically compatible to any skin tone and adjusts your pigment’s definition to align with the cream all day long. Expert at blending and extremely long lasting, allow Evolution Man to be with you any time of the day or night. The essence of a good tinted moisturiser is that it benefits the skin's health with its nourishing capability and gents, this product effortlessly conforms. Whilst antioxidant moisturisers leave the skin revitalized and invigorated, your skin's primary functions are also re-balanced within 7 days of use. This greaseless formula combats oily skin to leave you looking shine free and matte, something high on the agenda of men with oily skin types.

Apply it sparingly over the face and rub in using your finger tips or a blending brush for the very best results. Apply this product before a concealer for men, if you wish to use both and enjoy a true surge in confidence thanks to our greatest product ever sold for men with oily skin.

Size - 40ml

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