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MMUK MAN BB Tinted Moisturiser

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Energizing Bronzing Lotion For Men

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Look in the mirror and you quite often may be greeted with fatigued and imperfection prone skin, proven to leave you down in the dumps. Not anymore gents! MMUK MAN’s revolutionary, energizing and award winning BB Tinted Moisturiser is finally here, with a list of core benefits to your skin, rivaled only by the fellow best in the business. Achieving skin care and cosmetic excellence is this high performance formula, designed to let your skin shine, even its tone and create an incredible flawless complexion.

Breaking the boundaries of men’s cosmetics, whilst firmly retaining its users masculinity, this blemish balm cream contains a superbly natural tanning tint to provide a subtle blanket of coverage to your skin, effectively removing all manner of mild facial imperfections and drastically reducing the appearance of more defined unwanted features. Take back the night, and look great for any occasion with MMUK MAN.

This multifunctional, corrective and bronzing cream is ideal for any skin type and expertly illuminates and refines men’s skin with its universal sheer coverage tone. Refining your pores and ensuring fine lines, wrinkles and flagging skin is instantly concealed, create a compelling and captivating complexion with the number one men’s BB tinted moisturiser. Designed to colour match to any men’s skin tone, this incredibly reparative, hydrating and condition enhancing product certainly goes into the category of long term grooming game changers. Drying in seconds for long lasting effects, this easily removable male cosmetic product is perfect when your skin needs an instant lift and supremely healthy look.

Size - 20ml