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Control and style unruly brows with 4Voo’s brow styling gel for men. This luxury glaze comes in a choice of two tones (clear and black) for an expert finish to your overall cosmetic look. Sometimes, bushy and un-styled brows can just look plain wrong, especially when your face looks immaculate. Bring them back in to play with this eye makeup for men masterpiece, which is incredibly long lasting. Style and shape to truly develop the casual and groomed look of a male model.

Providing a natural attractive shimmer to your brows and lashes if required, enhance your appearance and make your eyes really come alive with the luxury men’s cosmetics of 4Voo. This captivating product lengthens, thickens, controls and conditions hard to manage brows all day long for ultimate perfection. Choose the clear formula for the ultimate in subtlety, upholding the most natural men’s cosmetic look. Alternatively, choose the black shade to add depth and definition to thin and lifeless brows, or achieve that rock star look.

A funky gel that rocks! 4Voo’s brow styling glaze can be applied to either men’s eyebrows or lashes. Apply from the root of your lashes to achieve a great and professional look, rolling the applicator up through the lashes for added depth. Simply apply a second coat for thicker and more defined lashes or brown after letting the original coat dry for 20 seconds. Add a third or fourth swipe to the tips for added length and that completely stand out look.

Size - 2.5ml

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