Red and blotchy skin is a problem a huge 28% of men will face for prolonged periods of time in their lives, typically arriving after the age of 30, when skin barriers tend to burn down. Whilst it’s causes vary, depending mainly on skin type and composition, the appearance of sudden flare ups, visible irritation and in some cases, blood vessels and sun spots, can really leave your confidence down and out. Redness and blotchy skin is mainly attributed to the skin condition Rosacea and the first thing we would advise, if you’re experiencing it on a daily basis is to consult your doctor, who may be able to give you more information from a medical stand point.

Fortunately for you gentlemen, there is a way around this chronic disorder, with the implementation of a very specific set of men’s cosmetic products, which have been highlighted below to James, who recently contacted us, seeking advice on what products to use to cover his red and blotchy face. If you are struggling with this problem, it’s important to know the men’s makeup products out there that can provide an answer. So, here’s our advice to James and gents in a similar boat, after he outlined his current grooming struggles.


I don’t know why I find this slightly embarrassing, but anyway!

I’ve attached four photos – two in natural light (light background) and two with flash (dark background) – I’ve included the ones of the back of the wrist as I read that the vein colour can be useful (all a bit of a black art to me at the moment I’m afraid). Hope this is enough to go on – please let me know if you need anything else or different photos?

If it helps at all, I am 44 - hence the liver spots :=( and am pretty pale – I’m not really a sun worshipper. I am looking for foundation I think, to cover a somewhat red/blotchy face (which looks DREADFUL on Skype and in photos).

Thanks in advance and best regards


Like James, you might be a relative newcomer to make up for men, or a complete novice, but it’s important to remember that winning your battle against red and blotchy skin is more of a marathon than a sprint, so, getting your practice in now, at home, and with a little help from the experts, will leave you in very good shape for the future. So, here’s what we advised.

Good morning James,

I hope you are well and thank you very much for getting in touch with us. I can confirm that the colour N4 is the most appropriate colour on our MMUK MAN colour palette to match your skin tone. Most guys tend to start with a foundation and concealer and either a bronzer or anti shine powder, but if there is any more help you'd require picking your products please let me know and I'd be delighted to help.

There's a few products that I'd like to recommend to you. Firstly, it's MMUK MAN's Skin Tone Balancer - if you're struggling with red/blotchy skin, this pre makeup product does just the trick. Not only does it moisturise, but it balances out skin tone too, before the application of foundation. The formula has a slight green tint to it, which may look scary, but it with this tint that balances out the redness on your face, prior to the application of foundation and your other cosmetics.

Once this has sunk in (after about 30 seconds), apply MMUK MAN's Mineral Matte Foundation across your face, concentrating on areas of underperforming skin and gently blend it in using the included applicator. This foundation looks really natural too, so it won't be noticed. It’s important at this phase to glide the applicator on gently with enough product on the sponge, in order to keep irritation to an absolute minimum. This foundation is enriched with minerals, which is perfect for sensitive/irritated skin and has superior calming properties, that work tirelessly behind the scenes all day.

The foundation will also give your skin a blanket of natural coverage, but the odd liver/dark spot may still be apparent. If they are very defined, take our concealer stick and gently dab it onto these specific areas and blend in with your finger tip. It may sound like a lot to get to grips with, but trust me, a couple of practices really makes perfect. With the foundation providing coverage to intense redness and the concealer, concentrating on specific flare ups, visible veins and sun spots, you’re really benefitting from a double dose of healthy cover up on a daily basis.

To finish, just dust your face in a little MYEGO Anti Shine Powder, again with its included applicator. Doing this, will just set your products really nicely and allow them to look natural and stay in place all day long. Combining these four products will give you a quick routine that you'll be a pro at in no time. I don't want to talk too much and make this sound like a sales pitch, so I’ll wrap it up with another pointer in the right direction. MMUK MAN's Anti Redness Moisturiser or Dark Spot Moisturiser. Use this at night and you'll notice those age spots minimize over 6-8 weeks, which in turn will enhance the performance of your cosmetic products.

I hope this information was useful and have a lovely day.